Saturday, August 1, 2009

About The Food

Friday is date night for my husband and I. We're pretty much creatures of habit, always going to the same restaurant and ordering the same food . We like our ritual. We know that when we go to Que Mas, our favorite place for a night out, that we are going to get the best margartia in town. It's not watered down, nor is it too strong with tequila that it burns the throat going down. No, it's the perfect combination, and you only need one. It's that good. One of the best things we like about Que Mas is the fresh guacamole that's made right at our table. They use only fresh ingredients and it is the best guacamole I have ever tasted. I make really good guacamole myself, and though I have tried to duplicate the one at Que Mas I haven't been able to as of yet. They must have a secret ingredient that isn't visible to the eye, as they already have everything chopped up when they prepare the guacamole at the table. Anyhow, I digress.

Last night we decided to try a new restaurant that just opened up recently. I was excited to be going somewhere different and I was really hoping that this new place was going to be great. We were seated at the booth, and our waitress was really nice. So far, everything is going good, we ordered iced tea to start and chips and salsa. Right away, we were a little disappointed. The chips were stale. (we've noticed that in a lot of mexican restaurants) We prefer fresh, warm chips. The salsa was just okay. We looked at the menu, and the variety of choices was fantastic. Everything sounded so good. I ordered a chille Relleno which is one of my very favorite foods, and something I have not had in a very long time, so I was looking forward to it. Justin ordered a steak dish. The menu described it as steak covered with green chilis, onions and tomato salsa. It sounded delicious.

Justin also ordered a salad bar. He went to get his salad and he came back and told me that the salad bar was a mom and pop salad bar. I asked him what he meant by that and he said that it looked like something that someone with hardly any money would buy. He described it as just the basics, and with amusement on his face, he told me about the chopped up weiners as a salad ingredient. He also told me there was broccoli and cauliflour also, but that it wasn't really chopped up. He made it sound like the chunks were really gigantic and not worth putting in the salad. He had a few items on his plate which he enjoyed, so it wasn't a total disaster.

The waitress finally brought our food out to us and I thought Justin's dish looked really tasty. Mine looked good also. We each took a bite of our food and It was absolutely horrible. All I could taste was grease. Now, believe me, I have nothing against a little grease. I love fried food and southern cooking, so I can handle a little bit of grease. Even my chile that was on the inside of a batter cooked shell was swimming in oil. You could see it in the plate. The beans, the rice, the chile relleno, disgusting. I couldn't eat it. I looked over at Justin's plate and he said his tasted awful. It looked good to me so I reached over, stabbed a piece of meat with my fork and stuck it in my mouth. As soon as it made contact with my tongue, I was horrified. The meat tasted foul, and it was so tough, you couldn't chew it. I had to spit it out into a napkin. Justin tried to eat more on his plate and finally I told him not to eat it. I didn't eat any of my food except one bite of each item. Normally, I love rice. Mine tasted like a bad imitation of rice pilaf rather than a mexican or spanish rice. It was just plain bad.

I left feeling bad for the restaurant owners. The ambience was so nice, the staff was great, but the food just sucked. I like seeing people succeed in business. It makes me happy when others make their dreams come true, and I just left feeling really sad for them because I don't think their restaurant is going to make it. I wanted to tell them, "Hey, you know, your food is really greasy, here's how you can improve it........" But the part of me that didn't want to be rude won out and so we left not saying a word. Unless of course, our two full plates said enough for the both of us.

Maybe I should have suggested a suggestion box.

Anyhow, next time we are going to try another new restaurant the is right next door. This one is italian. Wish us luck!


  1. Oh, how disappointing. At least you tried something new. We get in a rut, too. I also LOVE freshly made guacamole. Yum. I don't even need chips. :)

  2. I would totally speak up and write a letter to management. It's doing them a disservice by not telling them where they need to improve- you want to see restaurants succeed and the only way they know that something isn't working is if customers tell them. It's constructive criticism. :)



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