Wednesday, August 26, 2009

A thank you to all my bloggin friends

Apparently, while trying to change my background, I somehow lost the comment page.  I'm not sure how it happened and I wasn't even aware of a problem until earlier today. 

I just thought nobody liked me anymore.... just kidding. 

I want to thank all my blogging friends who alerted me to this via comments on my other blogs.  I don't know how to allow people to email me through my blog.  Maybe someone can help me out on that one.  I'll sign off with my email address at the end of this blog.

If you haven't visited the following blogs, I encourage you to work up enough curiosity to go see these wonderul people who encourage and inspire me.

Gigi, you always have such wonderful photos.  Thanks for the comments on my other blog.  It's a pleasure to see your photos and learn about you and your life. I learn so much from you, and you are awesome.  

Heather, you are so sweet to offer your help.  Reading your blog makes me more aware of my own spirituality.  You enlighten me and I am blessed to have discovered your blog.  So far, I am satisfied with the look of my blog, but I will definitely browse through your backgrounds. 

Trish and Rob, Your blog validates my belief that there is something beyond ourselves that we are connected to. There are signs everywhere, and just because some things aren't tangible, doesn't mean they don't exist.  I am flattered that you want to use my ghost sotry in your book.  I give you permission to use it on your blog and in your book.

Tabor, your words always interest me.  You have a busy, rich life and I enjoy reading about it.  I hope you are rested up.

Noe Noe girl, you are a doll.  You have a fun personality and I appreciate everything you say.  Thank you.

A special shout out to Jen, you are just a sweet person and your photos are so wonderful.  I am inspired and enlighted by you also.

Last but not least, Darlene, my sweet sister-in-law who never fails to read my stuff.  I hope you know how much I value you.  You are the best!

And to the rest......Thank you so much for your visiting my blog and encouraging me to keep going.  All of you are so awesome and it is my pleasure and an honour to meet you and get to know you through your writings and your photos. 


  1. I know I left out a few people, but not intentionally. I am grateful for you all and I apologize if I've forgotten to mention you.

    The regular visitors to my know who you are, I'm sorry.

    Sandy, Rebecca, Denise, Patty, J9..

    Thank you!

  2. I just realized, I forgot to leave my email address. It is

    Oh, and I forgot to mention Meri from Meri's Musings. She is very talented artist and photographer and always writes something really deep and introspective. Check her out too.

  3. Thank you JarieLyn :) - This is a nice background, I just thought I'd offer to peek in at mine because you were having so much trouble...with that orange banner at the top and no commenting and all - plus there is a list of great background makers on my free backgrounds site too :)

    Thank you for the encouragement in your words ♥

  4. I don't know that you want to have everyone who reads your blog email you...and I suggest that you delete your email address from this after a few days to avoid web crawler/spammer issues. Glad you got it fixed and thanks for the compliment!

  5. Thanks for the info about your Father. TJ's spirits have been down lately and that was kinda a little pick me up for him. Love the new format and glad to be able to comment again.

  6. Yes, thank you for fixing that comment thing :) So glad to be able to contact you. I love your new background.

    Thanks for your compliments, you are to sweet.



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