Thursday, February 28, 2013

FMTSO: 4th Anniversary

In this week's post share something about FMTSO.
Tell us when you started linking up with us, share memories, repost your favorite theme from one of our topics, or talk about the friends you have made. If you have a chance, invite one of our former participants to come back and link up this week or just to stop by and say hi. You can find them in the older posts linkys, comments or the side bar listing which has not been updated in a while. You don't need to know them to invite them. Just introduce yourself and extend the invitation.
Let's make this a special week!
This is the very first photo I ever posted in FMTSO.
It was July 17, 2009 and the theme was Yard Objects.
I have posted a lot of photos of my beloved Sasha in the Friday My Town Shoot-Out.
I remember I was very nervous to post anything at all because I wasn't real familiar with the blogging community and I was afraid that my pictures would be seen as boring and amateurish.
(they were very amateurish)
It's amazing to me when I look back on all my posts for the FMTSO, how much my photography has evolved since then.
Honestly, If it weren't for the FMTSO gang I probably would not have had the desire to join the Nevada Camera Club which I solely did for the purpose of getting better for the FMTSO themes.

Just as Ginger mentioned the passing of Barry, it also is very significant for me as well.
I gained so much inspiration and compassion by reading every single word that Barry wrote.
He was such a talented writer and so brave and positive.
I felt such genuine love for this man that I never met before and I was heartbroken when he left this earth. I remember we did a special post about Barry and this is what I posted.

Barry's death really impacted me a lot harder than I anticipated and my reaction took me by surprise. Here is my tribute to Barry. These are just a few of the things that Barry has inspired me to think about or rather when I think about Barry these are the words that come to my mind.

Also, when I think of Barry I can't help but think about my sister and what she's going through.

Today, Feb. 28, 2013 I went back and read the last few posts on Barry's blog and I cried.
See my photo above with all the words about Barry-well, I just erased that board about two weeks ago. That's how long I kept the tribute to Barry hanging on my wall.
I'm not sure why I felt such a connection to him, but I did and I admired him in many ways.
RIP Barry!

I also really appreciate two comments that Pauline and Rebecca made on this post.

Also, at one point Ginger and I decided to collaborate a writing project on another blog.
It was off to a good start but vacations, first her then I, and the death of her husband and my health issues stalled that project but I am very proud of what little we accomplished and I got to know Ginger on a more intimate level. It was challenging and fun. You can read our stuff here

I feel connections with several people in the FMTSO.
I'm not sure they feel the same about me but there are a few that I think I would get along well with in person and would love to meet someday.
With that being said, I did get the opportunity to meet a blogger from the FMTSO gang back in 2011.
Doreen came to Las Vegas and I played tour guide.
I for one, had a great time while she was here and it was awesome to meet someone from the blogging community.
I have pictures and a whole post about the visit which you can read here.

I'm not really sure I have a favorite post but I can say this:
All the people in this group are so talented, nice, inspiring, creative and real.
I am so happy that I found all of you because during the times I am feeling low, it is you who always motivates me to a higher elevation.

Thank you, FMTSO gang!
I love you all very much and I thank you for still being here.

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