Sunday, May 29, 2011

I think I found myself again.

This morning I dreamed about my blog. I awoke with images of  Spin, Drop, Rest. I saw monkeys jumping from the arms of one human into the arms of another human and then dropping onto the ground.  I saw ferris wheels spinning, basketballs balancing on fingertips while spinning in circles. I saw leaves dropping from trees and dogs lying on their rugs and babies sleeping in their beds.  Yes, it seems as though this past Friday's theme really made an impression on me. Although I haven't posted in awhile I have clicked onto the Friday My Town Shoot Out home page to see what the theme is.  I've even taken photos to post for most of the themes for the past five weeks.  But, I think I have been preoccupied and as much as I have wanted to blog, I just haven't been feeling it.  As of today, I'm pretty sure that has changed because I'm feeling like my old self again and I'm ready to write and take photos and let everyone know that I am back and I have many things to say and document. 

I want all of you to know that I have missed you very much.  I also want to say thank you for caring about me.  It really means a lot to me and you have no idea just how much your reaching out to me has improved my outlook.  It's so nice to know that people I've never met in person really and truly are my friends. How can I call you strangers, when you touch me so much by sharing your lives in blogland?  You all are truly amazing.  Thank you Camella for your concern.  You are very thoughtful and I am grateful that you reached out. Special thanks to Pauline who truly is one of a kind and whom I value greatly.

Lately, I have been lonely for my old childhood and high school friends because they GET me.  I don't have many friends here in Vegas and the ones I do hang out with just don't reallly know who I am and we don't have as much in common as I'd like.  So, I'm extremely happy to have my blogging friends and I can almost bet that some of you will be lifelong friends whether we meet in person or not.

No pictures today....... just wanted to let everyone know that I'm back.


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