Thursday, August 13, 2009

My Nashville Get Away

Nashville, Tennessee. My favorite place in the whole world. The first time I experienced Nashville was in 1995. My husband and I took a late honeymoon to the state of Tennessee because I had always dreamed of seeing Graceland, the home of Elvis Presley. We stayed a few nights in Nashville before heading to Memphis. I fell in love with Nashville and the state of Tennessee. It was like I had returned home to a past life. There was an instant connection. Yes, I belonged here. That's what I thought then, and that's what I think now.

All these years, I have longed to go back there, to move there, to feel at home again. I finally got a chance this past weekend when I flew down there to meet my sister, who was there on business. My husband encouraged me to go, so off I went. It was an extremely short trip, however, we packed a lot of fun into the three days that we were there. This latest trip only confirmed my belief that I belong there. The following pictures do not do the state of Tennessee justice, nor does it do my fun any justice. The images are a bit hazy and amateurish, but my memories are as sharp as a tack and the images are clearly embedded in my mind.

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The above picture is taken from my plane while leaving Las Vegas. My excitement has begun.

Flying high above the clouds. I hope we don't crash.

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Oh my goodness! I'm here. Getting ready to land. Look how pretty it is down below.

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Getting closer. Look at the pool in the yard.

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My sister and I in the rental car heading to our hotel. Look how pretty and clean the freeway is.

I took the above picture because I have never seen a speed limit of 24. I thought it was kind of quirky. Normally, it would be 25.

We are just around the corner from the Gaylord Opryland Hotel where we will be staying. I'm snapping pictures of EVERYTHING. So much so, that most of it is junk and not worthy of posting and/or sharing.

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This is a photo of the courtyard of the hotel, looking out from our balcony on the third floor.
The hotel was abuzz with lots of people. The atrium was incredibly beautiful and there were lots of gardens and pretty things, but I thought the room was just average for the price. It wasn't anything special at all. It was a great experience, but I'm not sure I would recommend staying here, unless you have the money to spend. The pool was great and they had a fully equipped fitness room, which my sister used, but I did not. The hotel is huge and you could easily get lost. Parking cost $18.00 per day, which I thought should be included in the room price but it was not. You can take a shuttle bus to downtown memphis for $12.00 which is a good deal if you plan on drinking. I highly recommend this.

We were out driving around looking for downtown (before I knew about the shuttle) and we got lost. I snapped this photo from inside the car because I just really liked the area. It's been a long time since I've seen a rail road crossing sign without the arm. I just thought it would make a cool picture. I don't think I could ever get tired of looking at trees and grass.

Still lost in an incredibly nice neighborhood. The houses and lots on this street were incredible. Very beautiful and sophisticated. Clean and crisp and refreshing. I enjoyed our little excursion that our GPS took us on. My sister, on the other hand, was getting frustrated.

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Yay! We finally made it downtown. Here is the Cumberland River. It's beautiful.
We had to park down the street in a parking garage and it's a little scary walking towards this area. We are prepared to put up a fight if we have to. You don't mess with us!

Carriage Horse.........

And people......
Now, we're talkin

A really cool guitar. We are amongst lots of famous little bars downtown.

And this little star is really showing his stuff. Very talented indeed.

OOPS! I downloaded it twice. I don't know how to delete it. Sorry!

Isn't he cute though?

Ah! the next night. Here we are at Tootsie's, a world famous bar where many famous singers have performed.

My sister, Cheryl on the left, me in the middle, sister's colleague, Steve to my right and another colleague, Kent in the back. I've already had way too much fun, as we came here after our private event at the Wild Horse Saloon.


Proof that I am having fun. Evidence of alcohol intake.

My two second bull ride. And the power was as low as it could go.
I'm a country girl at heart, but I'm no cowgirl.

All I can say is..........................

It must have been a good song.

part of the band at Tootsie's

They played a good mix of country and rock music.

This is the lead singer. I thought he was really good.

To his left is a female vocalist in the band. During the song, "Sweet Child Of Mine" that she was singing, she jumped off the stage, grabbed my hand and pulled me up onto the bar where I danced in front of everyone and sang the song with her. I cannot believe that I did that. I was really having fun. I don't even do karaoke.

The next day, hungover, my sister and I decided to drive to Hurricane Mills to tour Loretta Lynn's Plantation Home.

The outside was really pretty. All I can say about the inside is that I am so glad the 70's decorating style is over. It was bad. With that being said, Loretta had some really nice collections in her curio cabinets. She collected salt and pepper shakers which she had displayed in a really large curio cabinet that her husband Mooney had built for her.

This is the front walkway looking out directly from the front porch. Very large lot and beautiful scenery.

the rest of the dude ranch.

A bridge over water. So gorgeous. I just love places like this. I find such serenity in being in this environment. This is also Loretta Lynn's property.

Well, I have a lot more pictures, but I think this kind of summarizes my trip to Nashville. We had a lot of fun. The downtown area was hopping and I only regret that I couldn't stay longer. I wanted to explore more. Much more. Next time.......

Also, I didn't post any pictures here, but the first night we stumbled into a little bar called Rippy's. They had a two man band playing and they were really good. When I got home I did some online research and discovered who the band was. It was a father and son team, The O'Donnells. They just put out their first CD. I suppose Nashville is a place where dreams come true.


  1. You certainly do know how to do Nashville, girl! I have been to the lovely state of Tennessee, but never Nashville. Great photos...and taking a lot of photos means you have good ones to share.

  2. Fun! Never been there but it looks like a great place!

  3. Awesome trip and photos! You really know how to enjoy a quick get away! Loved the dog on the back of the horse. to funny.

  4. Yep, looks like you had a blast. You need to use the speed limit sign in next weeks phot shootout of weird signs. Glad you enjoyed your trip.



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