Wednesday, August 19, 2009

ABC Wendensday (E)

It's ABC Wednesday again, and this week we showcase the letter, E. My "E" is for envelope.


I love writing letters by hand and sending them through snail mail. Why? you ask. Because letter writing is an art. It's personable, it's intimate, and most of all it's cataloging an imprint of my heart and soul. So, whenever I send a letter to anyone, I like choosing an envelope that represents something more than plain white blah. I like to send envelopes that are pretty or fun so that the person receiving it will be excited to open it.

We may be in an era where technology is the way to go, and instant access is more convenient and less costly than sending a hand written letter, but I guarantee that anyone who receives a letter in the mail from me will appreciate it much more than an email. You see, I may not like being the center of attention, but I do like standing out from the crowd. I like leaving my imprint on people's hearts. How else will I be remembered?

And woudn't you prefer to know that someone took the time to actually sit down and hand write you an update, or tell you how much you mean to that person? It means you are important, special. You were worth the 45 cent stamp, or whatever the cost is now. So next time you go to your mailbox and see a colorful envelope that isn't junk mail, won't you be intrigued to discover what's inside?

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  1. Pretty envelopes. I love snail mail. My daddy is a retired Letter Carrier (mail man).

  2. You're totally right about that. It seems that most of what we receive in personal snail mail these days is an invitation or a thank you note. Very rarely does anyone take the time to send a letter. That having been said, I did receive two post cards this summer - the first I'd had in many years. There were indeed both very special.

  3. What a great post. I love writing letters also. And, I love receiving them. I should write way more often than I do...but most of my friends live close by.

  4. Wonderful post!! And you are right, of course.

    Much of the time, the only thing that drops through the letter box is junk mail and bills. It is nice to get a letter from a friend! And email is so ephemeral. You can print it out, but ... nothing takes the place of a handwritten letter. It is an extension of the person!

  5. When I opened my old trunk and found a bunch of letters from my college years it was a treasure. Who is saving the emails that students send home...or maybe we are a society of IMs and phone calls. This is really going to be a loss.

  6. In the olden days, I used to write letters, long newsy ones about what I was thinking and doing (at least when I was living far, far away from family and friends). Now I blog! My Mom reads my blog and blog friends read my blog, but my here-and-now friends don't read my blog, they just call. But the real me is in my writing. (And can you zip me an email with your address, since your comments always come with the "no reply" blank address? Thanks, my "Twilight Zone Soul Sister.)

  7. I'm with you, there is nothing like the written word, the real written word in the form of letters. Years ago as a kid I had a few pen pals and I always looked forward to getting a letter or card in the mail. It's nice to actually have something tactile to touch and hold on to.

  8. Lovely! I'm afraid these days I select the envelope to fit the contents, and for no other reason. In days gone by I used to make my envelopes out of interesting paper and glue!

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