Sunday, August 23, 2009

Mosaic Monday~ (Desert Dumping Ground)

Mosaic Monday is the creation of Mary at Little Red House. Please visit her blog to see other gorgeous mosaics or to join in on the challenge. It's great fun.


Today's mosaic is inspired by my walk in the desert. My husband and I like to take our dog, Sasha to an empty field in the desert and let her run wild. She likes to hunt for bunny rabbits. She's good at spotting them, and at 14 years of age, she can still run pretty fast. Not so fast that she catches up to the little critters, but she has fun trying.

Anyhow, earlier tonight, during one of our walks I got snap happy and took some photos of things dumped in the desert. You can't begin to imagine all of the items I found. It really was quite interesting looking at it from another perspective.

When I got home I tweaked the photos, turned them into black and white and added some special effects on a few of the photos. Pictured in the collage above is an old can of paint, an empty cigarette pack, a rusted old rake, a ball, a piece of cable wire, my dog on the hunt, two wooden pallets, a plastic soda bottle between some 2 x 4's and sheet rock pile, a single pallet, a stiletto heeled shoe, rubber tires, some one's architectural work with bricks on a sand pile, a piece of cassette tape intertwined with a condom, a plastic chair, a plastic underground pipe, a bucket, a bunch of hay wrapped in netting and shaped like a tube, a cigar, and some squiggly tape. It really is quite an array of junk. I would have left the pictures as is, but I thought it would look more interesting in black and white.

Please visit Little Red House to see more, and have a really fabulous day.


  1. Hi

    Thank you for the comment on my blog regarding my mosaic at

    I have looked at another of your blogs as I collect artistic postcards and was interested in them.


  2. Love that you did them in b & w. I couldn't get them to enlarge though? I was trying to see your doggie. Thanks for visiting me. Sharon

  3. Very interesting in b & w. I couldn't enlarge either.

  4. I love black and white photographs, your mosaic is lovely

  5. Thanks for stopping by for Mosaic Monday. Your Mosaic is very interesting, isn't it amazing how different ordinary things can look... when they are in black and white? The most interesting thing to me is the stilleto heeled shoe...just to think, somebody is out there hopping around with only one shoe now! LOL! Very creative mosaic! Have a great day!

  6. Desert dumping ground sums it up perfectly...very creative post!


  7. Very artistic! That's what people leave behind..., quite disturbing.

  8. Cool mosaic! It turned out great with B/W. The format is creative too. Yet, I don't understand why people just dump things anywhere! Thanks for the visit!



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