Friday, August 14, 2009

Friday My Town Shoot Out ~ Relaxation

This weeks theme for the My Town Shoot Out is relaxation which was chosen by Lena at Spirits of Lena
My interpretation of relaxation includes things that I have fun doing. One of those things is listening to a good live band. The below picture was taken in Nashville this past Saturday. People in the place were having lots of fun and relaxing, including myself. The name of this band is The O'Donnell's, a father and son team. Country music is their sound.
My husband and I enjoy golfing with friends. We find that to be very relaxing and de-stressing.

During our vacation in 2006, driving through Montana, we saw some buffalo relaxing down by the river.

Taking the dog for a walk while on vacation can be relaxing. This is an RV park in Oregon. We weren't staying here, but this was right behind the motel where we stayed. We love exploring!

Driving down a grade, coming around a curve and seeing this view of the lake is quite a relaxing sight.

Wathcing our nephew play football in Oregon is relaxing and fun.

My other nephew relaxes as he sprawls out on the grass.

Snapping photos of barns and horses is very relaxing to me. It's one of my most favorite things to take pictures of.

Driving through quaint little towns always makes me feel relaxed. I really love small towns.

Boating and Jet Skiing with my siblings and my parents is quite fun and relaxing. We do this at least once every summer. We would do it more often, but they all live in a different state.

Even my parent's dog, Boomer enjoys a good ride on the jet ski.

I hope you all enjoyed my ways of relaxing.
To check out more photos from the Friday My Town Shoot Out, Click Here.


  1. very cool photos. I also have a thing for barns. I wonder if anyone has ever done a photo book on barns. Great post -thanks for sharing!

  2. Great shots ...loved them all!!

    I also enjoy small towns (in Australia) ...water, driving ...but I've never seen a buffalo!

    But then I guess you've not seen kangaroo either.

    It's amazing how small our world is now.

  3. your shot of the buffalo is amazing! how cool to see them in the wild. love your quaint little town shot also. Great shoot out Jarielyn!!

  4. JarieLyn, I love the barn photo. And that is one relaxed dog! The buffalo shot looks like a postcard. Nice job!

  5. Wow, now I am really much for that morning coffee kick.

  6. You take some great pictures! Looks like you guys know how to relax! I love the dog on the jet ski!

  7. I of course love the barn and horse shot but all the photos look like fun. Hope you had a good time in Nashville.

  8. What a great take on the theme - I love live music, but didn't even think of putting that in mine!

  9. I could relax with Boomer, anywhere! Great fun!

  10. Love all your ways of relaxation. Water is the place I think we all go for that.

    Thank you so much for your sweet sentiments about my aunt and Cooper. The little girls took the news much better than the adults in their lives.



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