Friday, August 31, 2012

FMTSO: My Town in Black & White

Thank God it's Friday! That means I'm getting closer to vacation time as well. Woo Hoo! Here are some photos of my town in black & white, the theme for this week's Friday My Town Shoot Out. Anyone can participate. All you have to do is click on the link and add your URL. Just make sure you've uploaded black & white photos of your town before adding your link. There's nothing more aggravating than clicking on the link and being routed to the blog entry and when you get there, it has nothing to do with the theme. I love discovering new blogs so if you follow the rules I will be more than happy to follow and  read your blog even when you aren't posting in the FMTSO.  With that being said, I will get on with my town in black & white.

This is a neon sign behind an iron stairwell inside the Paris Hotel Casino.
Ok blogger is really pissing me off right now.
I am unable to upload more of my photos.
I keep getting an error message that says:
Upload Failed
Server returned invalid repsonse.
Until I get this figured out.
I guess this is the only photo I have for now.
I'll keep trying to update though.
If anyone knows what the problem might be I sure would appreciate some tips to get it resolved.

Saturday, August 25, 2012

FMTSO: Vacation Spots

Friday My Town Shoot Out for 8/24: Vacation Spots

Where do you love to vacation?
Do you go on vacation to rest and relax...
or do you DO vacation and keep busy with activities? 

Every year my husband and I go on one big vacation for about 10 days or so.
This year we are going for three weeks and I cannot wait to take my vacation. 
Last year we went all over Wyoming and South Dakota and had a blast.
Driving through certain parts of Wyoming is kind of boring because there is nothing to look at for miles and miles and miles, but when you finally come across landscape like what's in the photo above, it makes it all worthwhile.

We prefer to go someplace where we haven't been before because we like to explore and see what's out there. This year we are headed to the big state of Texas.

But before I get sidetracked on Texas, I better show you some photos from last year's trip.

South Dakota wasn't even part of our planned agenda last year.
It was a spur of the moment decision and we decided to drive there from our friends house in Wyoming to see Mt. Rushmore. 
On the way to Mt. Rushmore we saw a sign that said Bear Country.
It was a drive thru wildlife park and zoo.
So we drove through and this little Alaskan fox was in the zoo part of the park.
Even our dog got to experience the park with us.

Another fox trying very hard to scratch his itch.

South Dakota was such a beautiful state. 
We really enjoyed the black hills.
We went hiking and found some waterfalls, rivers, creeks, etc.
It was just so beautiful and so much to do.

Mt. Rushmore was exciting to see but it kind of sucked because we hadn't checked into a hotel yet and we had to take turns getting to the good spot because we weren't allowed to take our dog past a certain point. But it worked out and we did what we had to do.

Even better than Mt. Rushmore was Crazy Horse. It's so much larger and the light show at night was freaking awesome. I think this was one of our favorite things from our vacation last year.

The light show was phenomenal, and so was the narration and the story.

One of the waterfalls we hiked to. It is so pretty here.

A different waterfall.

Caught this little chipmunk munching away while we hiked to the waterfalls.

Another thing we love to do on vacation is eat and drink and be merry.
This neon sign was taken in Deadwood, SD on my birthday.
We didn't go inside this establishment but I can tell you that I danced the night away on my birthday last year.

This is inside Saloon No. 10 where I spent my birthday.
Before the band came on later that night, the staff did a re-enactment of Wild Bill Hickock's last day. Supposedly he was killed right there in this bar. 
It was kind of cool.

Which way shall we go? 
I believe we were in Custer at the time.

Justin and Sasha exploring the town.

We ate breakfast here and the food was excellent.
They had the biggest breakfast burrito I've ever seen.
Custer, SD. This was on our last day in SD.

When you have children, you usually gear your vacation towards things the whole family can enjoy, mainly something for the kids to remember. Well, I can tell you when you have a dog and no children, it's like having a kid so you gear your vacation towards things you can do with your dog as well.  Our dog Sasha, RIP, always loved the water. 
We found this creek at Custer State Park. Just across the water there were wild buffalo, one of which chased my husband and scared the crap right out of me.
Sasha, on the other hand could care less. She just wanted to get wet.

Buffalo hunter. LOL

So, I'm counting down the days til my next vacation.
I don't want to waste a single day so I want to do all kinds of things and go to lots of different places. I know I want to rent a boat of some kind whether it be a pontoon, a motorboat, peddle boat or canoe. I want to enjoy at least one day out on a lake somewhere. I've even thought about white water rafting on this next trip. I'd also like to go horseback riding, maybe explore some caverns, etc.  All I know is that I want this to be one of our most memorable vacations.
I have to say that last year was pretty good but so far nothing beats the year my husband and I went to Tennessee. It was the best. Hawaii didn't even come close to the fun we had while in Tennessee.

I do plan on spending a few days relaxing by the pool of one of our hotels. 
I just need to get my husband to relax and enjoy taking it easy.
After all, we've got three weeks to go explore new territory.

To see more Vacation spots please visit the FMTSO home page.

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

The Symphonic Rock Show

Most people who are cultured love classical music and enjoy attending events such as the ballet, the symphony and broadway type shows as well as browsing art galleries, libraries and museums. I admit, I've never been one to sit and listen to classical music. It bores me to tears. I need some vocals to make me swoon with delight. I'm not saying I don't like the finer things in life but a lot of times, the finer things in life are quite stuffy and rigid and controlled. I'm not saying that I am not refined or that I can't be elevated to a higher level, however, while I do appreciate these types of things, It's just not what I consider fun really.  It's just the way I see things. I do like museums and browsing art galleries but I'm a simple chick who doesn't need a lot to make me happy. I do however, love music and the creative processes that come about in creating melodies and rythms. I admire creative talent so much that I feel pure joy when I experience the magic of all the instruments and vocals drifting through my ears. It's like the clouds opening up to welcome me to heaven while they sing praises of love to me. Yes, it's that good for me when I hear true talent.

This Friday night I am attending a musical event that will rock my socks off. My excitement level keeps rising and I can't hardly stand it. Yellow Brick Road, a classic rock band who have been around Las Vegas since I moved here and who I have seen many, many times will be performing at the  newly built Smith Center, a cultural arts center. But that's not the coolest part about this show. No, the coolest thing about this show is that the band will be backed by a 21 piece orchestra. How many of you have heard a 21 piece orchestra play Led Zeppelin, Queen, Rush, Pink Floyd? Well, I can tell you it's going to be A-MA-ZING. What makes it even more amazing is that the lead singer, Brody Dolyniuk is the one behind this phenomenal event. He writes all the musical scores for the orchestra.
Brody left his beloved band, Yellow Brick Road last year to pursue other musical opportunites that he could no longer deny. He was replaced with another singer who is also very good, but I think it's amazing that Brody created this show and included his original band in the performance.

Take a listen at a sample of the show. If you like classic rock, you'll love this.

To learn more about the show click here:

Saturday, August 18, 2012

FMTSO: The Work You Do

I just love the Friday My Town Shoot Out themes. It keeps me on my toes and makes me think.
This week's theme is all about the work you do. Most people probably associate this subject with getting paid to do something. I haven't worked a real job or business since 2009 so that means I haven't been paid real money in over three years. I do however make an occasional buck or two by doing side photography jobs, however I do lots of work for free because it is neccesary to run my household, etc.  I also hold the position of Secretary for Nevada Camera Club and it is my duty to attend the monthly executive board meetings and take the minutes. And yes, it is real work. I am a procrastinator so I usually don 't get them typed up for review until the day before the next month's meeting. It's a love hate thing. I like being on the board but I also hate that some board members will pick apart what I have transcribed. It's a lot of work to keep my mouth shut and be polite at the meetings. We have a very serious club and sometimes things get a little heated. Anyhow, here is a copy of last months executive board meeting minutes.

Nevada Camera Club Executive Board Meeting Minutes July 10, 2012

Present:  President & Immediate Past President, Paul Sobel; Secretary & Public Relations, JarieLyn Robbins; Treasurer & Advertising, Mary Sheets;  Beginners Photography (SIG), Julie Chadburn; Club Apparel, Kitty Heckendorf; Community Liaison, Deyanira Flores; Competitions (Special), Willie Matos; Competitions (Monthly), Gayla Malcolm;  House, Valerie Christiansen; Membership, Susan Bouet;  Programs, Allan Duff; PSA Liaison & Web Site & Past Presidents’ Advisory Council, Dennis Gershick; Sports & Action (SIG), Matt Rinaldi.

Meeting called to order at 7:04 p.m. by President, Paul Sobel. It was noted that a quorum was present. Agenda adopted.

The June minutes were reviewed. A motion to approve minutes as amended was made by Deyanira Flores and seconded by Mary Sheets. Motion passed.

The May & June Treasurer’s report was reviewed. A motion to accept treasurer’s reports as presented was made by Kitty Heckendorf and seconded by Julie Chadburn.

Old Business: Sunrise Hospital Electronic Display is up and running except earlier tonight the TV was turned off. Discussion as to why the TV was off. Need to contact Diane and ask her what we can do to keep it running.

Sunrise Donation: The hospital confirmed that they want the donation from NCC to be in the form of Walmart gift cards.

Henderson Library -  photo class to be held on Thursday at Malcolm Library in Green Valley. This is the last of the night photography presentation for the Henderson Library.

Amendment to Constitution and By-Laws- on hold until next meeting.

27 of 27’s Award- reviewed merit changes and monthly rules changes. Still waiting for Anne Carter’s input.

Projector: Discussion to be reserved outside of E-Board between Dennis Gershick and Allan Duff.

New Business: Incentive to have members go electronic for newsletter- Susan Bouet will call new members who have joined within the last two years & try to urge them to go electronic.

Vendor Letter: Deyanira Flores inquiring as to legal wording for soliciting advertising gifts for the annual awards banquet.  Also, she would like to send a certificate or plaque to regular vendors who donate each year to show our appreciation for their generosity.

Electronic Screen Presentation- The E-Board discussed color imbalance. It was suggested that Dennis Gershick prepare notes so membership knows how to enter electronic images with proper color.  Paul Sobel agreed that he would learn more and write a guide or outline for the other members.

Membership: Susan Bouet notified the E-Board that there are 244 active members; 4 juniors, 121 beginners, 61 intermediates and 47 advanced.

Membership Cards: Dennis Gershick suggested re-design of the cards. Ideally, he would like to create a barcode so we can scan entries with the membership card. The cost for a four color design is approximately $1.00 each.  Deyanira Flores suggested turning the re-design into a graphic design contest

Mary Sheets discussed updating the accounting system.

Membership Committee: The function of this committee is to welcome people who come in. Dennis Gershick suggested signing in guests and giving them a name badge to wear during the July workshop. Kitty Heckendorf urged the E-Board to reimburse Dennis for the cost of the badge & clips that he already purchased.  Allan Duff will arrive at 5:30 to begin setting up the stations for the workshop.

Survey: Allan Duff went over the results of the survey that were submitted at a previous program meeting.  Some of the photographers that were enjoyed by the survey takers were  Robert O’Toole, Tyler Stableford, Hal Schmidt, Ben Wilmore and George Lepp.  The members would like to learn more about wildlife, landscape, travel, photoshop and lightroom.

Next year’s programs are already filled through August of next year.  Some suggestions for future program speakers include, Jerry Metellis, Lance Cheung, Sue Altenberg and Connie Palin.

Barbara Dupont won the best of show in the annual electronic competition. The NCC needs to make out a check in her name for $100.00.

Dennis Gershick brought up the domain registration. On average, the cost is $10.00 per domain name. Our domain is up for renewal on July 25th. Instead of renewing for 2 yrs., Dennis wants to renew for 9 years for a total of $69.12.  Cindy Wilson made motion to approve renewal and it was seconded by Kitty Heckendorf. Motion passed.

Field Trips: Cindy Wilson discussed the turnout for the field trip at Smith Center. There were about 26 people who attended. She said there were about 8 to 10 people who showed up for the fireworks in Boulder City.  She is postponing the July 21st field trip for a more convenient date.

Allan Duff recommended Sun Belt Auto Collection as a future field trip.

Meeting adjourned at 9:05 p.m.

Submitted by JarieLyn Robbins

It's kind of a boring job, but someone's got to do it and I do enjoy sitting on the board.

Last weekend I got paid to photograph a wedding. It was a really hot day and the wedding took place out on a golf course and everyone in the wedding party was melting. After the ceremony the wind picked up and a storm was rolling in which made for some dramatic photos. Take a look at some of my wedding pics from last week. Hope you enjoy.

I still have a lot of editing to do but the above photos are just a sampling of my work from last weekend.

To visit more photos of work that you do please visit FMTSO home page.

Thursday, August 9, 2012

My Mother's Children

I've had a lot of things going on lately. Stealing a line from the movie, Friends With Benefits, "Magnum P.I. Couldn't Solve All The Shit Going On Inside My Head" The only thing that's kept me from dwelling in the dark cave for too long is visit from family. First, my mother-in-law was here at our house for about ten days and then just a couple of days later, my sister stayed at our house for two days, while the rest of my family including my parents and my two brothers stayed elsewhere in town over this past weekend. Thank Goodness I had all this chaos to distract me. So, although this Friday's My Town Shoot Out Theme is Children, I have a little different perspective. There are no children in my life, at least none that are close enough physically to take pictures of  and none that are really small. I thought I would showcase myself and my siblings since this past weekend was all about my mother wanting to make memories with all of her children together at the same time. I know it's really kind of going outside the theme a little bit but we are still my mother's children in her eyes, even though we are fully grown.  Enjoy the photos of our silliness.

My youngest brother, Joey, his girlfried Sarah, and my sister, Cheryl.
This is Saturday night at Outback Restaurant.
Our last night together with the whole family.

Joe (my stepdad)

My husband, Justin.


My sister, Cheryl.

 My oldest brother, Bobby (Robert, Bob)

My youngest brother, Joey (Joe)

Sarah, my brother Joey's girlfriend hid behind the menu right when I snapped the photo.
She is the one who inspired the above pictures.

My newphew, who is 16 decided to go back to the room and relax while we all chowed down at Outback. You know how teenagers are. They'd rather be doing their own thing.

Here's my 16 year old nephew, Forrest with his dad and my brother, Bobby.
That kid always makes the oddest expressions when getting his picture taken.
It doesn't do him justice.
This was Friday night at a mexican food restaurant.

Bobby and Cheryl. My bro and sis.

Bobby and me.

Joey and Sarah.

Me and Justin.

Cheryl and Me.  We love each other.

Justin and Cheryl.

In the lobby of Outback. My sister's foot.

Joey and Sarah.

my dad and mom.


I am the oldest.  13 years older than my youngest brother.
My husband forgot to get in the picture.

So unfortunately, on Saturday my whole family, including my husband was out on the lake having fun without me. I wish I could have been out there too, but John Edward was in town and I purchased my ticket a month before I knew my family was coming. If the ticket had only been $20 or $40.00 I probably would have blown it off but I paid $200 for the ticket so I was gonna get my money's worth.

Here I am with John Edward. I got an autographed book as well.
His show was phenomenal and he is so funny and down to earth.
I enjoyed the show very much and made a couple of friends while in line for two hours.
But.............I still would have rather been out on the water improving upon my tan.

At Outback.

My parents at outback.

The only person missing from this shot is my nephew.

Me and Cheryl at the airport. Saying goodbye to my beautiful sister.

All of the above photos were taken last weekend.

Me and my brother last month in Bakersfield Ca. at Dewar's Candy Shop.

Me and Justin at Dewar's.

My oldest brother and my parents live in Bakersfield.

See that finger?  That's my sister-in-law's signature pose in photos.
It's hard to find a photo of her when she isn't flipping the bird.
Would you like to put a face to that picture?


I know you are curious. 


Yep, that's Tabbitha, my brother's wife.
She loves to flip the bird.
She's a lot of fun.

So jumping back into July.....................

My mohter-in-law was here for just over ten days.
I think the most fun she had was when I took her to the lake.
We went a couple of times and had I known that she would enjoy my favorite activity,
I would have taken her out there much sooner.
Hindsight is 20/20.

Here I am documenting myself at the lake. 
See that figure in the backround?
That's my mother-in-law lounging on her chair in the water.
We both got a little sunburned on this day but it was so relaxing.
I love the water and being out in the sunshine.

One of my favorite pictures of my furbaby. I'm not sure when this picture was taken but I think it was around 2005or 2006.
She went to heaven in June 2012.

Tabbith and Me. 2004
Man, I was skinny here.


Kid Photo Shoot 2010

I know I've gone on and on.
I totaly forgot about the kid photo shoot until after I already posted my other pics.

Please enjoy this week's theme by clicking here. You will be able to see a lot more photos that will brighten your day.


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