Friday, July 23, 2010

FMTSO: Shoes and Feet

Today's theme was suggested by me and I am so glad I chose this as a theme.  All of the pictures that you are about to see were taken just two hours ago by me with my tri-pod and my remote control.  Yes, all these shoes are dressing up my feet.  I really, really love shoes and stockings of all kinds so it is a pleasure to play dress up.  I played around in picnik and edited all the photos just to add a little more pizazz and so you don't have to look at my imperfect legs and the tan lines across the tops of my feet.  Haha.  Without further ado, I present you with my shoe montage.  I hope you enjoy and I can't wait to see all of your photos as well.

Lets start with fishnet stockings and some pumps.

Of course, I couldn't do this post without showing you my favorite boots

My newest shoes are wedgies which I never thought I'd wear.  They're just not as sexy.

Oh, and then there's the leather strap shoes that lace up the legs and tie

I still have the shoes I wore at my wedding 15 1/2 years ago

These are my newest casual shoes that still give me a blister when I walk

Did I mention I like thigh highs?

Yes, I love to dress up.

It makes me feel sensual.

Boots are my favorite type of shoes.

I used to have so many pairs of boots but I sold a lot at yard sales
and gave quite a few away to the goodwill.

But..... I couldn't get rid of them all.

The above photo was not edited. 
I just threw this one in on impulse.

I have lots of feet photos in my archives but I thought it would be fun to photograph myself.

Please go look at other photos of feet and shoes by clicking here
 You can also add a link to your blog when you get there if you'd like to join in on the fun.

Thanks for stepping on over to my blog.

Have a great weekend everyone.

Thursday, July 22, 2010

What being in love looks like

These are my parents
and they are still in love.

My mom was just 28 when she met my step dad and he was 23.
My mom will be 64 next month and my dad will be 59.

They are inseparable and lots of fun to go out with.
They can really dance up a storm and I love watching them when they're on the dance floor.

They really do look at each other with passion.
I think it's really cool.

And their story is so awesome.

And I love them so much.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Mr. Magoo

The very first time I ever rode in a car with my husband was an enlightening experience.
He was a true gentleman all the way, opening the car door for me, adjusting the air condition so that I wouldn't freeze. 
Yes, he had good manners.
 I had never experienced such gentlemanly behavior from anyone before.
His Momma raised him right and I truly was fascinated with the amount of respect he showed me.
Once he got behind the wheel though, my fascination turned to apprehension.
 I quickly discovered that he was a terrible driver.

Well, I could go into detail as to our first road trip to a Dodger's baseball game, but I think the plaque below tells the story ten times better than I ever could.

I've teased my husband for years about his driving and I often called him Mr. Magoo.

My guilt for all the teasing was eased when his boss gave him this plaque for Christmas a few years back.

It was hilarious because it completely describes his driving skills.

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Playing Around With A New Look

I've been playing around with my blog background again and I think I finally found one that fits my style and personality.  I think the look adds a little bit of a retro vintage artsy look and sometimes I think that is the part of my personality that people rarely see.  I also really love the glamour of the 1930's and 1940's.  Pencil skirts, gloves, stockings and hats.  That really resonates with my hidden fashionista.

1940s upskirt Pictures, Images and Photos

I think I need to dress up more. I've been feeling a bit slouchy lately.

Friday, July 16, 2010

FMTSO: Transition

My photos for this week's  Friday My Town Shoot Out theme of Transition aren't nearly as deep as the word implies.  I guess you could say I was a bit lazy this week as far as getting out and shooting goes. 
If you think about it though, life in general is one constant transition.
If we do just one thing differently each day then that is a transition of sorts no matter how minute the change.

I didn't have to go far to shoot my photos this morning.
I just hopped into my car and a turn here and a turn there and not too far away
was the perfect sign.
Yes, literally.
A billboard that is in constant motion where the ad changes just about every two seconds.

So, instead of going deep I just looked straight ahead at what reprssents Las Vegas best.

Well, there you have it.

Mediocrity at best.

To see some really outstanding photos on this theme,

Thursday, July 15, 2010

There are signs everywhere.....things are looking up

Even on the top of a rock in the middle of the dessert.

This sign is blank which leaves a lot for the imagination to ponder.

Danger! Danger!

Could there be something hazardous lurking around the other side of the rock?

Future Home of.......

A new resting place for hikers and photographers.

My interpretation of the sign is that things are looking up.

I had to look up to see the sign so that in itself is my sign that things are looking up.

When things are looking up, it means that I have plenty of things to look forward to.

Today, I'd like to share some of the things that are making me smile with delight in aticipation of what lies ahead.

I get to go see Dave Ramsey Live in Phoenix.

I am a huge fan and have wanted to see him live for quite some time.

A change of scenery always makes my restless soul settle down a bit.

I like adventure and traveling to new places.

Santa Fe sounds like a good place in which to venture.

I've been reading lots of reviews about things to do in Santa Fe, New Mexico
and one thing that stood out for me was a restaurant walking tour and or a hands-on cooking class such as the Chili Amor or maybe even a demonstration class that shows you how to turn steak and potatoes into a southwestern flavorful fare.

I really love to cook and I think this would be a wonderful way to spend at least four hours of one day learning about the Southwestern culture and flavors. 
Sometimes you just need to spice it up a little.

So.....vacation is on my mind and I smile every time I think about all the places I want to go
and all the things I want to see. 

I'm also looking forward to seeing my sister very soon,
and my parents,
and my brothers
and my sisters-in-law
and even some old friends I haven't seen in a few years.

Yes, things are definitely looking up.

I have a really good life.

Some might say I'm spoiled just a bit and I really can't argue with that,
but I just want everyone to know that I appreciate every single bit of my daily experiences and the people who give me their time and who want to share themselves with me because it is they who make my life so wonderfully blessed and from this day forward I will never forget that.

I am truly rich.

I'm also looking forward to:
my evening walk
my daily blog reads
a nap
a relaxing lunch
eating dinner with my husband
clearning out a little clutter: mental and literal
a fresh brewed glass of unsweetened iced tea

Oh, I'm sure I have forgotten lots of things on my list but you get the picture, right?

Friday, July 9, 2010

FMTSO: July Fourth Celebration

We celebrated this fourth of July watching fireworks in Boulder City, Nv.

Boulder City is on the outskirts of Las Vegas and is home to the Hoover Dam or close to it anyway.

This event was a camera club outing/field trip
and so for the first time, I learned how to shoot fireworks correctly.

We had a lot of fun.

I haven't edited any of the photos yet, but I'd like to make them more vibrant.

The photo above is one of my favorites. 
 It reminds me of a giant colorful dandelion that would make all my wishes come true if I just blew on it.

I really took a lot of photos.

The thick white in the above photo reminds me of feather,
the kind of feathers that would be on the head of an indian chief.

This next photo is one that I really like a lot. 
My husband took this picture with his camera which has a different lens than mine.
He did a fantastic job.
I edited the hue to make the colors pop more and it looks great.

So, I think I need to edited most of my photos to make them look like this one.

Oops, this one isn't my hubby's photo.  This one is mine too.

The photo below is my hubby's  It is one of my very favorite pics from the fourth.
These fireworks were lower to the ground and I like that you can see the tree line in the background
It looks like the whole city is bursting with colorful, fiery, energy.

Normally, we would spend a quiet evening at home sitting in our charis out on tht front lawn chatting with the rest of our neighbors.  But, we ventured out and had a really good time.

When the fireworks display was over we went to a bar called Remedy's and we ate and had a couple of drinks with friends and other camera club members. 
We really had fun.

I love summer!


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