Saturday, March 8, 2014

Start of the Day.

What does the new day bring in your town or city? How does it start? Share with us the morning light or your drive to work, or other chores you have in the morning. Maybe it's even a trip you start early in the day. Or it can be another type of start, that doesn't necessarily begin in the morning. Show us your city at the start of the day.  (FMTSO theme)

Well, I can tell you that I'm not much of a morning person these days. I wake up anywhere from 6:00 a.m. to 10:00 a.m. I'd much rather be an early bird, but the body wants what the body wants and that's usually a lot of sleep. Oh, and I don't get out much as I am always doing stuff inside the house. So here's how my days usually begin.

As soon as I wake up, and before I even get out of bed, I will set the timer on my phone for about 12-15 minutes and I will just write whatever pops into my head. I do not worry about punctuation or grammar. I just write until the buzzer goes off. Sometimes, I will write about a dream if it is still fresh in my mind, other times I will write about all of my desires such as new adventures, business ideas, things I want to manifest, etc.  This morning writing is to just put the vibration out into the universe.
As soon as I finish my writing, I will go downstairs and make a cup of hot green tea. This is what gets me going. After the hot tea is gone I will make myself some iced black tea and that's what I drink all day long. (water in between as well)
I love tarot cards and angel cards so I often play with these in the morning.
Sometimes I will give a reading to myself or a friend.
This morning I did a reading for all who read this blog post.
The first card represents a current issue or circumstance such as emotional or psychological toxicity. Archangel Uriel appears in this spread because he is here to help remove any anger, heartbreak, or negative thoughts from your psyche. He is with you now to help you with any emotional blocks that may be holding you in a state of lower vibration. All you need to do is ask for his help.
The second card represents an action to take. In this case the card Maya appears in the spread. My interpretation of the message is to always keep evolving. Learn something new and continue to grow. Do not become stagnant in mind, body and spirit.
The third card represents an end result if you follow the action that is recommended. In this spread, the card Shanti appears. This card is all about peace and tranquility.
Summary: Call upon the angels to intervene with help and guidance.  Always be growing. When the student is ready to learn, the teacher will appear. It doesn't matter whether you continue with formal education, read books at home, listen to audio, research web-sites, talk to mentors or whatever other means you come across. The point is to always learn something new. It will reap you great benefits and lead you to your life's purpose. If you allow yourself the opportunity to grow, the ultimate reward will be peace of mind, tranquility, and smooth roads ahead.
And so it is!
It was bright and sunny yesterday morning as I went about my daily errands. First stop was gas.
The price of gasoline is starting to climb again. I believe it was $3.43 at the pump yesterday.
Leaving the gas station. Don't worry, I'm stopped at a light. I do not text or snap photos while the car is in motion. 
Time for Dr. Laura. Sometimes I will listen to Oprah Radio while driving. It depends upon my mood. If I listen to music, I usually listen to first wave or prime country as my top choices. But sometimes I'll listen to altnation. I'm a flipper of the stations so it really depends on what song is playing or what topic is being discussed.
I decided to check in at one of my favorite stores. I hadn't been in since before Christmas.
I bought several books and some trinkets. I also received a free aura reading and a free stress test.
This is Karen, the owner of the store. She is the most amazing person. Her soul is so genuine and she is the kind of person that you want to be around. She always welcomes me with a hug and kind words.  Her store is amazing too. There is always some kind of class or event going on and I have taken several classes there.  Whenever I need a pick-me-up, the Spirit Within is where I go.
Later, I went to the post office. This mobile post office is usually open for business outside the post office. But I didn't need any services.
I wanted to check my mail.
I hope there is something inside.
A letter from Randall. Yay!
My favorite shop for inexpensive and cute clothes.  I tried on several items of clothing yesterday and all I can say is that I am very frustrated with myself.  I'm kind of at that in between stage of weight where nothing looks good. Ugh!  I bought one blouse because I need to add some color to my wardrobe. I have way too many blacks, greys, beiges. So, I bought a pale green blouse.
In the evening, I attended a birthday party for one of my friends in my camera club. She takes phenomenal photos of wildlife with her focus on Africa. You can see her amazing work here.
I didn't take any photos of the party but there was quite a crowd of varying ages all they way from toddlers, teenagers, twenty some-things, and on up to the 70's. She had an Italian dinner catered and there was a slew of alcoholic beverages, sodas and water to drink. I, of course had a couple of glasses of white zinfandel. It was a good night.
I'm sure this post wasn't very exciting, the photos aren't great quality, BUT you did get to see a day in the life of me. If you'd like to see more starts to the day please visit the Friday Town Shoot Out main page and click on the participating links.  It's not too late to participate yourself if you'd like to join.


Wednesday, February 12, 2014

I'm hosting my first give-away

Good morning everyone. I am hosting my first give-away.  There is no special anniversary, no rhyme or reason, it's just because. Most of you who follow this blog know that photography is a hobby and that I belong to the most awesome camera club in the country, however, I have another hobby that I'm even more passionate about and that is my love of snail mail and Postcrossing.   I'm giving away........  Read The Rest of The Story and Enter Here

Sunday, February 9, 2014

FMTSO: Entrances

I know this is a late entry but I wanted to participate even after my frustration with Blogger and Chrome the past couple of days. So, here is my late entry of entrances in my town.  These are all from my archived photos, 2009 or 2010.  It was the best I could do this week. Hopefully, I will get some fresh photos very soon.

This entrance is padlocked to keep the animals in and the people out.
Entrance into Bonnie Springs Ghost Town in Las Vegas.
Entrance to the cemetery and the restaurant.
Not the greatest picture, but this is the entrance to the chapel at Bonnie Springs.
The door to one of the shops at Bonnie Springs.
That's it for this week. 

Saturday, February 1, 2014

FMTSO: Leading Lines

All of the following photos were taken while on vacation. Some are in Nevada, some are in Oregon and some are in California. I hope you enjoy where the lines take you.

A place to rest in Jacksonville, Oregon.

Hay for the animals in Lakeview, Oregon.

A shoe tree in the middle of nowhere.

Signs to my nephew's wedding in Yoncala, Oregon.

San Jose, California.  The front yard of Winchester Mystery Mansion.

Melons at a farmers market in Oregon.

Tehachapi, California. I snapped this shot from the passenger side window while driving down the freeway.

Somewhere near Drain, Oregon.

Another covered bridge, also near Drain, Oregon.

A swing ride in Sonoma, California.

A church in Virginia City, Nevada.

A train ride in Sonoma, California.

I hope you enjoyed a bit of my vacation with me.

There are more terrific pictures of leading lines over here.

Friday, January 24, 2014

FMTSO: Space

Hello my fellow town shooters. I'd like to take you on a tour through Red Rock Canyon located in Las Vegas, Nevada.  Most people who have never been to Las Vegas have a preconceived notion about the city. After all, we are considered the city of Sin, what with all the gambling, drinking, strip clubs and 24 hour non-stop partying going on. It must be quite hard to imagine quiet neighborhoods, serene mountains and beautiful canyons with a variety of wildlife.  Let my pictures be proof that there is another side to my town.

Most people who come out to Red Rock Canyon are local hikers, rock climbers and photographers. There are some tourists who come and are awestruck by the view.  There are big rocks to climb on and  if you squint, you might be able to see the city in the distance.

There are also wildflowers that sprout up in the desert spaces at Red Rock Canyon.
Of course, it's always windy when I try to take a photo of the flowers.

There are cave-like spaces where some birds dwell.  I believe I've heard the vocalization of quail around these parts  but I am not 100 percent positive on the type of bird noise I've heard.

There are spaces in the rocks where critters can hide, such as this lizard who is trying to blend in and not be noticed.  this little guy was very hard to capture because he was moving all over the place.

I was amazed at how much space this tortoise covered in such a little amount of time as I followed him around.  He was quicker than I thought he would be. The group I was with tried to give him some water.

The three guys in the foreground are in my camera club.  They are very serious about photography.

I hope you enjoyed the tour.

Thank you and have a fabulous weekend.

Friday, January 10, 2014

FMTSO: Winter

This is the tree in my front yard which I took with my phone just five minutes ago, at 5:00 p.m.

The rest of the neighborhood pretty much looks the same.  My grass still has some green in it but it's pretty dry. Although the temperatures haven't dipped too low,  it is still a bit chilly.
It's cold enough at night that I want to make hot chocolate.

But I didn;t make this hot chocolate and I'm not the one drinking it.
This hot chocolate came from the Mt. Charleston Lodge.

Yep, when I want to see winter I just hop in my card and drive to Mt. Charleston.
Here are some of the shots from my last trip in December.

This is the Mt. Charleston Resort which is different than Mt. Charleston Lodge.
The lodge is just up the road a few more miles.

Icicles hanging from the balcony of somebody's home.

The Lodge, too icy to sit outside and enjoy the view.

Someone's cottage near the lodge.

I just love driving through the snow.
I wish I had more pictures to show you all but this is pretty much it.

Tonight is the first meeting of the year for my camera club.
We are having a presentation by professional photographer, Royce Bair who will be discussing night photography.  I expect it to be a really good presentation and a great night.

To see other town's winter click here for the Friday My Town Shoot Out.

Have a great weekend everyone.


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