Wednesday, August 5, 2009

ABC Wednesday (C)

Well, it's that time of week again. It's ABC Wednesday and this week represents the letter C. I have photographed my COSMETIC bag full of cosmetics. I thought it was perfect for today, because I will be loading this bag up in the next couple of days for my trip to Nashville, TN.

To see other photos contributed this week, click here to go to ABC Wednesday.
Thanks to Connie at Living Beautifully for showing me how to make a short cut link. Please check out her website. She has a lovely website full of crafty things, her page is definitely eye candy.


  1. So this means you are NOT a natural beauty?

  2. Pretty bag, good to have a bit of glitz. I am envious how neat it is inside. You have obviously discovered the secret of the right size bag.

  3. Tabor: NOT even close.

    Joy: Shh! It's a secret. I just bought the bag a couple of days ago and just put the cosmetics in it for the purpose of today's photo. But, I will be using it regularly now.



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