Saturday, April 27, 2013

FMTSO: Sweets

That is the theme for the Friday My Town Shoot Out.
I have been eating a lot of sweets lately.
I should have been photographing them instead of eating them.
I did manage to photograph some cookies that I bought at the store yesterday.
These are the most delicious sugar cookies I've ever tasted.
They are so lemony good.
Here's one from the archives.
This is when I first bought my SLR camera, before I even joined my camera club.
I think I've posted it before but since it's really sweet, I thought it deserved another post.
Well I could have really taken advantage of this week's theme as many sweets as I eat.
I hope everyone has a fabulous weekend.
I'm off to the post office.

Sunday, April 14, 2013

FMTSO on Sunday.

Well, by the time anyone reads this post it will be Monday all ready.
I'm linking up with the Friday My Town Shoot Out, a couple of days late but I still wanted to participate.
 It was a busy week-end for me so I only have two shots for this week's theme which is the letter your town begins with and in my case it would be the letter L for Las Vegas.
Yesterday, I was out and about at a huge craft festival and that's where I photographed two items that begin with the letter L.
Both photos were taken with my phone.
These are luggage tags.
They look large in the photo, however, they are the average luggage tag size.
That's it for show, but I really had a great time at the craft fair.
I also got a psychic reading while there and it was fun.


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