Thursday, August 20, 2009

Friday, My Town Shoot Out ~ Signs

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Yes, truckers need their laundry washed while they shower themselves. This sign was taken yesterday in the city of Searchlight, NV on my way to Laughlin.
I really like the slogan on this sign. They can rock my home anytime with that tone. This sign was also taken yesterday in Bullhead City, AZ, just across the river from Laughlin.

Apparently, the yogurt shop doesn't get enough business by just being in the middle of the shopping center, so they created this sign to sit atop a truck for heavy traffickers to take notice.

This happy faced prehistoric creature advises park goers the rules of play. This was taken earlier tonight in one of the parks I frequent.

Just to the right of enthusiastic Dino is this sign posted on the fence, listing all the free movies in the park this summer. My husband and I sometimes like to attend these viewings. Okay, I have to practically drag him out of the house, but enjoys the family movies more than I do. I just use that as an excuse to get out and see people.

There are so many ducks in the park that they get their own sign. It's funny that I never noticed this sign prior to tonight. These Friday shoot outs make me much more aware.

Last, but not least is my very own sign. I had this custom made back in 1994 when my husband and I bought our first home in Bakersfield, Ca. (we no longer own that home) Obviously, I was into country decor back then. It's not really my style now, but it still hangs in my house just above my sliding glass door in the kitchen. And yes, I suppose I still like it. After all, it has my name carved in wood.

I hope everyone who visits my blog also takes a little time to look at some other Friday Town Shoot Outs. Our group has some extremely talented photographers and writer's. I know you will be inspired.
Thank you!


  1. Showers and laundry...LOL. Thanks for the wonderful idea. This morning before work, insteadof taking a shower and then putting on clean clothes, I dressed first from the laundry hamper and then took a shower with my clothes on. Presto! I'll never have to do laundry again. The hard part was lying on top of the ironing board and trying not to scream while getting the wrinkles out.

  2. A custom made kitchen sign! I once like country decor and now do not like it at all. Funny how tastes change.

  3. great selections of signs you have here. my favs are the creature and duck crossing. we have a lot of deer crossing here in Michigan. great shoot out!!

  4. Love your signs! Showers and Laundry- 2 birds with one stone?

  5. I was thinking that you could wear your clothes into the shower and hit it all at once, but maybe that is what it is!

  6. I love the duck crossing sign. We have so many here for moose and deer, but the ducks have to fend for themselves.

  7. Wonderful selection of signs! Great shoot-out.

  8. Great color and I love the duck crossing.

  9. Have you seen the episode of Seinfeld where Kramer takes a shower and cleans his vegetables at the same time? Too funny...hubby laughs when I rinse out my swimsuit in the shower at the same time, so it could work LOL!

  10. Love the duck crossing sign, we do have those here too.

  11. Great variety -thanks for sharing!

  12. Great selection of signs. But I love the first one.

    Duck crossing signs are always a favorite, and I like your personal sign.

    Thanks for joining in. You are doing a great job!

    Bagman, you are so silly. But when I think about, you probably did that.

  13. You found an assortment of interesting signs... I enjoyed them.

  14. I like the duck sign and your personalized sign best.

    I found those honey sticks in a little cafe way up North in Michigan. However, I have seen them at pick your own fruit places all over. They have the best flavors - peach, blackberry, raspberry, watermelon, sweet cherry, tart cherry...Yum!



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