Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Relationships are like bullets

The bullets pictured above are over thirty years old.

They lay in a closet in Oregon until we brought them home with us.

Yesterday, we went out in the desert to practice shooting in a secret location.

Six rounds in the cylinder of my gun.

Aim, squeeze, fire.

Aim, squeeze fire.

Aim, squeeze, MISFIRE.

Click, Click.

Aim, Squeeze, fire.

Aim, Squeeze, MISFIRE.

Click, Click.

Aim, Squeeze, MISFIRE.

Click, Click.

You get the picture, right?

Thank goodness the bullets didn't explode into our faces.

I think relationships are kind of like those bullets.

A person can hold onto you for thirty years

but if all they do is keep you in the dark,

hidden away and kept at a distance,

performance is bound to suffer.

Like the bullet that sat on a shelf, forgotten

 we too, want to soar through the air with power and condifence,

proof of our loyalty


There's bound to be a little misfiring once in awhile due to years of neglect.

The moral of the story?

Nurture your relationships if you want superior quality.

That's all it takes.

A little attention.

A little interaction.

A little sharing back and forth.

That's it.

If you want unpredictabliltiy,

unstable performance,

then by all means

neglect your friendships, the loves of your life.

That's me.

It was really windy yesterday.


  1. So true. It seems unthinkable that one would forget the love of their life, and yet they do. Treating one's spouse as a permenant fixture rather than a living evolving soul is bound to lead to a dead end. Thanks for the thought.

  2. How fun! I used to go shooting out by the race track in Oildale, remember out there JarieLyn? I'm actually a pretty good shot. I used to know how to take a gun apart and clean it and put it back together again, but I bet I wouldn't remember how anymore.

  3. Alicia, I remember that racetrack very well. My dad used to race out there. #63

    I'm sure your aim is still good.

  4. I love who you are and what you do and how you live....thanks for the inspiration.

  5. I do not know much about guns although my dad did. I certainly hope that those bullets were not as dangerous as they sounded! You analogy is right on, though.

  6. What a great analogy. I'd have never made that connection.. probably because I'm SO not a gun person. Cool photo of the bullets though.

  7. Look at you girl! Wow, I think I won't mess with you. You made a great point about friendships, very well said.

  8. Oh yikes! You know how to shoot a gun! This sounded a little dangerous. How do you get rid of possibly faulty bullets without shooting them?
    You're right about tending to relationships; they need attention and the light of day.

  9. Clever you, seeing the analogy when you are out there shooting. You are right, of course. Love the photo of the bullets.

  10. Wonderful metaphor! Looking back at some of my relationships, I think I pulled the trigger and a little flag popped out with the word "Bang" on it.

  11. I love that analogy! You are just to smart.



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