Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Rose Colored Glasses

This is Gayla.

She is participating in one of my photo experiments.

Thank you Gayla for being such a great sport.

Looking through a rose colored glass reflects a distorted image.

The image is not at all what we see right before us.

Looking through this glass makes Gayla look less attractive.

It's not an ideal image.

Sometimes we go through life wearing rose colored glasses.

The only difference is when we walk around wearing rose colored glasses,

the distorted image actually appears much more attractive to us.

We are not seeing clearly and therefore we create this ideal image in our minds.

I don't want to walk around wearing rose colored glasses anymore.

I want to shed the false illusion and see clearly.

I think once I do, I will experience forward movement.

Because really, I'd much rather attract something real than an ideal in my head.

I'm ready to accept what it is I've been afraid to see.

The only thing I have to lose is the fantasy I've created.


  1. Funny but I kept thinking of the analogy about the glass being half full or half empty!

  2. great analogy and very cool image!

  3. Such a wonderful idea JarieLyn! What a way to make your point. Excellent.

  4. I love the photograph. And even more the thought stream that it inspired.

  5. I think I'd rather drink the wine and see everyone through wine clouded glasses cause I already wear glasses :-)

    Just kidding, it's a great thought and wouldn't it be nice if everyone thought the same way and didn't get all caught up in the fantasy.



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