Thursday, January 28, 2010

Friday Town Shoot Out ~ Look Up....Look Down

Don't forget to click on the photos to ENLARGE the images.

When you're in Las Vegas you can't help but look up at all the flashy ads.
The above photo is advertising Penn & Teller at the Rio Hotel Casino.

If you park in a parking garage at any casino, you can't help but look down.

 Yesterday, it was quite rainy looking down from the Venetian Hotel Casino garage.

On my way home, while stopped at a red light I looked up and saw this decal.

Just a couple of weeks ago, we did some major clean up in the backyard.

Look up in the tree and you'll see what I mean.

There is nothing left of this tree except a stump.

Sasha (that's my dog for those of you who don't know) whined one night because her tree was gone.

She scratched at the sliding door for me to come outside and when I did she looked up at the tree and started whining.  I felt so bad for her.

This is a nice building at Lake Las Vegas,
but the photo is a little boring so I made it a little more interesting.
Below, another wonderful view at Lake Las Vegas
Looking through the window and down to the courtyard.
It's a gorgeous view in my opinion.

Some of you know that I love taking photos while driving down the freeway.

Okay well I'm not usually driving but I am snapping photos from the passenger seat as scenery flies by.

Surprisingly, my photos taken at relatively high speeds from the vehicle turn out fairly well.

Below is one of the photos looking down from inside my passenger's view.

Passing through Shasta Lake California.  The water is awfully low.

Walking a trail in Oregon, I looked down and saw these incredible mushrooms.

Of course, I can't end this theme without showing you some photos I took today in my own house.

Yes, I actually laid down on the floor and pointed my camera upwards.

First, the kitchen.  Pardon all the junk and clutter.  That's just who I am.

Next,  the living room with back on the floor, camera pointed up.

And then standing on the stairs looking down.

I thought this was a really fun theme and I could keep going on and on.

But there are other blogs and other photos to see, so I will let it be.

If you'd like to see those other photos for this theme and/or participate yourself,

Enjoy all the images.  There is a lot of inspiration out there.


  1. The thing a photographer got to do just to get that beautiful perspective! lol

  2. I had so much fun going through this one. I was thinking of lying on the floor around my house...with a camera, I mean. Your refrigerator view may inspire me to do that anyway even though the shootout is over.

  3. The lake photo looks like a postcard, so beautiful. The boat and her wave makes it a very strategic point.

  4. Some very interesting shots...especially those last! I love the shadows.

  5. The Ben and Teller ad is just a perfect shot for this theme. Too funny.

  6. Love that lake shot! Wonderful post this week. Makes me want to go visit Vegas again.
    Thanks for stopping by my blog!

  7. Great shots, all of them! Such a cute story about Sasha, sensitive girl. Funny how she was sharing that with you!

  8. That Penn & Teller ad fits doesn't it! I also was thinking of lying on the ground here and there, and just trying to get off the ground when I did that video was, well, not a pretty site!

    I like all your perspectives of this theme, nice good!

  9. JarieLyn, this was a treat to visit. I'm such a country girl, woodland with tree's and critter's and all :) I don't see much of the big cities.

  10. I love the Shasta lake shot and the shadows in the last shot best. Just wonderful.

  11. I'm glad you included that cool night shot of the lit-up building (don't see that where I live!) But poor Sasha, looking up to where her tree should have been, makes me sad.

  12. The variety was great! I don't know why but that pic of the rock and mushroom is my favorite.

  13. What cool photos JarieLyn. I love the ones you took while on your back on the That could be a picture of my fridge. What a unique way of seeing your home. I'm going to try that. Great post kiddo!

  14. oops....there I am....I was a bit dizzy for a few seconds, especially getting up off the kitchen floor to view your fridge :) hee hee

    love the photo where there's a boat in the water...

    and I do the same thing....always shooting from my side of the car :)

  15. Hey, I think you stole my refrigerator! Of course, I've never seen it from that angle.
    Great shots! You, obviously, are having way to much fun with that camera.

  16. Gee, your refrigerator looks a lot like ours. It is always such great fun coming here.

    I think I liked the photos taken from your car the best.

  17. Great shots. I especially loved the drive-by photo.

  18. I wish I was by your side with my camera when you took all these! I enjoyed your town :)

  19. fun post - you showed a lot of different ups/ downs but it still felt light. I do like the view from the hotel room, looks cold and mysterious.
    I didn't know Los Vegas has that large of trees, I think of it as being desert landscape - very nice.

  20. My favorite is photo #3. The b&w does it a lot of justice... it looks great! Love the bistro at Lake Las Vegas. Sounds like a neat place to just hang out with a good book and a drink!

  21. Great selection of images, and I liked the ones in your home - great idea to lay on the floor and shoot up - everytime I try, it looks much messier than my mind sees!

  22. This theme is really great! Sometimes we are busy and no time to look up and look down. Thanks for sharing your photos while on your way and the look up and look down photos inside your house. I like the photo of lake so much!

    Btw, did you received the photo card I sent last December?

  23. Redlan, I did receive your photo card in the mail. It is awesome and I want to thank you so much. It was very exciting to receive it in my mailbox.



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