Thursday, January 7, 2010

FSO: Fences

Thanks to Sandra Leigh for choosing this week's theme.  I really got carried away with this one.  It was a lot of fun.  I encourage you to visit Sandra Leigh's blog.

Fences have been around for a very long time.  They are used to keep people or animals in and out.  The song, "Don't Fence Me In" keeps popping into my head, but I like fences.  I think they serve a good purpose.  However, I don't much like fences that are plain and ugly and too modern.  I think fences should stand proud and display architectural character.  I thought living in Las Vegas was going to be quite a challenge finding fences with character because as you drive around town, mostly what you see are plain old ugly block walls stretching from neighborhood to neighborhood.  Surprisingly,  my exploration netted me a myriad of fine looking fences, or rather fine looking objects that the fences contained.  I also pulled a few from my archives from Oregon and California.  I hope you enjoy seeing an ordinary object through different eyes.  Let's begin the tour.  Don't forget, you can click on the pictures to enlarge the image.  It's much nicer that way because you get to see more detail.

A fence to keep our dearly departed protected. 
I wonder about the spirits who roam around inside.

A rusty barbed wire fence.
I wonder how long this has been here?

A watch dog stands guard and barks at me and Sasha as we take the photo.
I think he's quite adorable.

A strong iron fence protects this wealthy horse ranch.
The trees stand like soldiers, looking tall and proud.

A thin wire fence with brittle wooden posts holds the winter firewood.

A festive wrought iron fence is decorated for the holidays.

A decorative black wrought iron fence cast its shadow.

All of the above pictures were taken in Las Vegas, Nevada.  Surprising, I know.

The rest of my photos are from Oregon and California, respectively.

A wooden fence creates a balcony in a treehouse.
Cave Junction, Oregon

Sometimes an old wooden fence post is used for parking your saddle.
This is my brother-in law's yard in Yoncala, Oregon. 
It's probably his saddle too, as he is highly active in rodeo roping.

A fence painted white separates water from land. 
What a view.
Long Beach, Ca.

Sometimes, when you look beyond the ugly chain link fence,
you can spy critters that make you smile.  This little fellow is munching on a nut.
Long Beach, Ca.

Add a few colored glass block and this block wall looks a little more interesting.
An artist must have lived here once.
Long Beach, Ca.

Well, that's the end of this tour. I can tell you though, that I had a lot of fences in my archives.
I had no idea that I had taken so many pictures of fences. 
Something about them must have caught my eye.

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  1. Nice job! Not sure why I like that nasty rusted barbed wire against the blue sky but it's really quite glorious and somehow very western. Of course there is also that rodeo cowboy saddle, too; who can resist that?

  2. Great job. It's amazing how much more you see when you are looking through a lense.

  3. Fab fences! Like you said, the subject opens a lot of very interesting possibilities.
    Have a good weekend, Jarielyn

  4. very nice tour - my take on this, nice fences of Los Vegas are about decoration not security or privacy.
    How can a dog wearing an orange necklace be a watch dog? No one will take hime seriously.
    I like your comment 'looking beyond the fence... you will see' this has many levels of meaning we could explore. Great FSO post.

  5. Yay - this is a great post for fences! You have so much variety in nicely taken photos AND a nice narrative to go with it.

  6. Yes - amazing to discover so many varied fences in our lives. Actually, I was quite impressed by the diagonal horizon in water shot. And the squirrel looks so confident in his (or her) protected area. Great eye!

  7. Love them! Great job of this weeks topic.

  8. fantastic series of fence shots! I don't know if I can pic a fav. really like the one with a reflection. have a great weekend!!

  9. Well that was fun!! I loved the glass that is really pretty!! The pine tree fence..lots of those up fun!! I loooved your shoot out hon!! Wonderful! Happy Friday, Sarah

  10. They're all quite wonderful. Even that ugly wall of a fence at the end really does look quite charming with the different coloured glass set into it like that. Nicely done. :)

  11. We were amazed by how many pictures of fences we'd taken over the years as well. I'm glad Gordon chose this theme so we could give fences their due.

    You certainly found a wide variety of fences to celebrate. And each picture has its own unique charm.

    Barry & linda

  12. What beautiful photos! I love old fences too...especially one's with rusty barbed wire. Such character.

  13. Love your fence collection...the rusty barbwire fence reminds me of desert ranches and cowboys.

  14. I love all of yours, and agree stucco fences, or plain block walls are not attractive. They just built them in our backyard and it is an eye sore!

  15. Ahhh...the post fence with the saddle - my favorite!

    Great job.

  16. Awesomely delicious photos JarieLyn. I love the one of the cemetery. Did I ever tell you I used to work in a funeral home and that currently my sister works for a cemetery? Weird huh?

  17. Your fenced-in nutcracker is a star. If only he knew. Great post, no pun intended.

  18. The fence with the saddle, and the treehouse balcony are great!

  19. love the rusty barbwire and wooden posts -- :-) nice job on these....

  20. I love that unique wooden fence of a treehouse, so awesome.

  21. You have a perfect set of great photos @ Jarielyn. They're taken perfectly! I love it all!

  22. JarieLyn, I love the saddle on the hitching rail, a fab shot. Also the fence holding the firewood. I tried to get a similar shot but couldn't get any life into it like you did. Love all your photos.

  23. I love the whimsy of the treehouse fence - it's sweet.

  24. Beautiful pictures, JarieLyn :) I love the diversity. The trees in the one picture look like they make a fence of their own :)

  25. You have outdone yourself.

    These were FABULOUS - every last one. I kept going "that's my favorite, nope that one, no that one" until I got to the end of the post realized they were ALL my favorites!



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