Thursday, January 21, 2010

Friday Town Shoot-Out Theme: Sounds Around Your Town

This weeks theme of Sound was chosen by NanU.  To learn more about our photography group you can visit the Friday My Town Shoot Out Main Page.  Also, if you'd like to jump right in and participate you can add your link to Mr. Linky and that's also where you will see links of other participants for this week.

This theme was a bit of a challenge for me.

Because I live in Las Vegas I think others expect to see photos of casinos and traffic.

Casinos certainly are noisy and they fit perfectly with this theme, but it's too obivous.

I prefer to show you the unexpected in my town.

But I won't disappoint.

I do have one or two casino photos for your viewing pleasure.

But first.......

A colorful and bejeweled carousel indside one of our outlet malls.
It makes the sound of music as it goes round and round.

That's the sound of the bat making contact with the ball.

The crowd goes wild as they cheer for their team.

Woo Hoo!   I love my baseball.

And baseball players are way cuter than football players.

The sound of a waterfall in my local park.

The sounds of water splashing, motors whirling, and laughter on Lake Mead.

My blender makes a very loud noise when I'm making smoothies.

But it's well worth it when it comes out like this...

Yummy.  Lots of anitoxidents and lots of protein.

The sizzle of the food in the frying pan as I cook dinner.
Mmm Mmm tasty.

And as promised, a peek inside a busy casino.

The crowd watches in amazement as the bartender balances a bottle on his forehead.

There is music playing in the background,
people talking and laughing,
glasses clinking,
applause breaking out,
and the ding ding ding of the slot machines.

Night life.  Can you hear the energy?

No, I don't think you can with this photo but it's the only one I have.

Thanks for visiting me this week.



  1. Nice post, Jarielyn! It's neat to see things other than what everyone might expect. Glorious carusel you have there, too!

  2. Great water shot. And the balancing bartender! You must have been sneaky on that one because some casinos don't like photographers inside. And the blender was a great touch. I'm thirsty now.

  3. The sound of the blender is very familiar, I used mine regularly to grind spices and dried chillies used regularly in my cooking. A good take on this week's theme!

  4. Las Vegas is one noisy town, but you were creative in finding things I didn't know about.

  5. Forget sounds, I could smell the food cooking for dinner!

    Of course it's early here and I haven't had breakfast yet so hunger could be playing a role.

    I could certainly hear the "ping" of that aluminum bat making contact with the ball.

    Wonderful fun!

  6. I love the non - Vegasy things. Oh the smoothie looks delicious. Mmmm, yum. And I can just hear that carousel going round and round.

  7. Darn it, JarieLyn. I've just finished my breakfast and now I'm wishing I'd included the sound of smoothie being mixed! Love your food related shots, great take on the topic. And the sounds of water just can't be beaten!

  8. Geez every time I go to a new site I see things I had not thought of, well you know food is on the list! I have a poem I wrote about food, juicer hip hop noise in my old cafe...good choices here!

  9. I can hear the ping of the bat also. love the variety of sounds you have posted. I too have a carousel in mine. (from a mall) great idea for a mall!

  10. Wow, that's one young gambler in that last shot! I'm used to seeing Lake Mead on CSI, nice to see a "civilian' enjoying it. Have a great weekend.

  11. Isn't a carousel one of the most delightful things to look at and listen to? It's also my favorite ride of all. I really like it that people fix up old carousels and give them a place to be.

  12. Your dinner cooking looks like mine. Love the ping of the baseball bat. I love baseball. Great post.

  13. I adore carosels, and miss the feeling of flying around and around (without getting dizzy). I also LOVE baseball and it's been far too long since I've been to a game!

  14. Oh oh oh oh I loved your shootout!! Wow girl!! So fun to see the unexpected! What beauty there!! I loved the baseball picture and the description took me right there!! Nothing better than a live game! And the smoothy..pass on this way..yummmmm!! Hugs, Sarah

  15. Love that waterfall shot! Also, cool shot of the bartender!

  16. Awesome post! Those smoothies look delicious!

    That waterfall shot is amazing.

    Oh heck, I liked them all! LOL!

  17. isn't the sound of ball meeting bat - CRACK!. ping seems a little tame for a good homerun hit.

    good post all around. I hate los Vegas I love your town.

  18. All great photos, but I want the recipe for the smoothies! That made my mouth water JarieLyn! Yum!

  19. These pics were great! I could hear the noise in my head as I scrolled through them. The carousel and water fall were my favorites.

  20. These are wonderful shots.. each and every one of them.. with imagined sounds galore. Nicely done.

  21. I loved all your pictures of noise. I think baseball players are cuter too! The water fall is so pretty. I'd like to go to that park.

  22. You are so clever--using your wide variety of images(You live an interesting life out therte in Nevada!) to illustrate sounds in your town.
    Mmmmm...I could just about smell the stir-fried dinner and I agree with you that Basball players are way hotter than football players. :-)



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