Thursday, January 14, 2010

Friday Town Shoot-Out BIRDS

Tthis week's assignment for the Friday Shoot-Out is birds and was chosen by Scriptor Senex.  If you'd like more information on the town shoot outs you can go to the main page and read all about it.  Also, if you want to dive right in and participate you can add your link to Mr. Linky by going here.  This is where you will also see links to other blogs that you can browse for this assignment.  Check it out.  It's a lot of fun.

Now, on with the show!

All of my photos were taken in Las Vegas.



This little fellow is a dumpster diver. 
He's waiting patiently for someone to toss him some scraps.

This little bird drove me nuts. 
He was quite elusive and I chased him for a long time before finally catching this image.

Gorgeous swans posing perfectly for my camera.
Look at the light reflecting off the water.  So pretty.

A lovely mail peacock moving in closer to see what I'm all about.
Yes, this bird was very into me and my camera.

Beatiful colorful ducks enjoying the water.

I couldn't resist showing you the duck's feet.

My least favorite bird.  I think they are so UGLY.
But I thought this was an interesting photo.
A rooster roosting in a tree.

Thanks to Scriptor Senex for choosing this theme.


  1. Those swans are so pretty, so does that peacock too.

  2. The duck feet, I love the webbed feet! Well, actually I love them all, and sorry to make you squint, but the dots on the limbs were birds! My new glasses help me see further, but my IPhone does not magnify it so well...

  3. They're all very beautiful critters even the rooster. I find bird irresistible. They sure do make for a colourful post. Nicely done. :)

  4. Your photos are just fab. Love the ducks feet. Sorry you don't share my love of hens and roosters, I think they are beautiful. Your ducks and swans are terrific!

  5. The peacock must be wondering where his hen is.

    Last week, we saw a peacock doing his mating routine. My camera ran out of battery, so I didn't take any photos.

  6. your first photo reminded me of a movie I watched recently (Yep I like to watch animation and other childrens movies) BOLT the SuperDog. a dog, a cat and a hamster in a ball (I didn't get that) travel accross country together and the go dumpster diving in Los Vegas.....LOL.
    your photos are thoughtful and well presented... another peacock! so far it is the most popular or should I say populated.

  7. Great stalking, great shots -- and I agree that you have found the ugliest beautiful bird in the world.

  8. Giggle...i like the webbed feet :) And the Dumpster Diver is a riot too. Good for your for your patience with the elusive bird - it paid off!

    So many peacocks and I can't seem to find one to photograph!

    Nice presentation!

    PS My work verification is mockin made me think of Mockingbird. ;)

  9. Great shots.
    I love roosters. I have one and he is beautiful.

  10. Those swans are professional posers. Nice Shootout.

  11. Keep that peacock away from your nice camera! crazy bird. I'm impressed with that fancy rooster, and really like your photo of the 3 ducks in the water: lovely!

  12. Wow wonderful shootout hon! LOL I love chickens! I love love love the duck feet!! Hugs, Sarah

  13. I'm such a crazy bird lover, so of course I think these are fabulous...even the rooster !

    and that sign below...people are just people !!!
    SO TRUE !!!

  14. love the swan shot also. like the sparkle in the water. very nice image!!

  15. Love the swan shot! Very nice!
    Thanks for stopping by my blog.

  16. OH how I love the swans. They used to fly over our farm (before we moved from Maryland to Kentucky) and they played the most hauntingly beautiful songs.
    Your photo took me right back!

  17. Loved all your shots. I loved that bird you chased and I thought the swan shot was gorgeous!

  18. Great job! Again I love those ducks :)

  19. Great photos - I loved the duck's feet. Thanks for taking part.

  20. Love the photo of the swans. When I enlarged the photo it looked like the swan had glitter sprinkled all over. Probably the lighting, but it was beautiful.



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