Saturday, January 16, 2010

The abandoned suitcase

The other day when my husband and I went shooting,
I spotted this suitcase in the desert.

Being the imaginative person that I am,
I dreamt up all kinds of stories as to why it was abandoned.

The possibilities are endless,
and yet only the most morbid of scenarios stands out as the strongest.

I thought the suitcase was the perfect prop for a photo shoot,
but first,
I had to clear my mind of the scenario I dreamt up.

So, I asked my husband to check the suitcase to make sure it was empty.

Prior to his checking,
visions of a dead body cut up into little pieces danced in my head.

Can you blame me?
You hear stories all the time of the desert being used as a dumping ground for bodies.

Thank goodness, there was no such thing inside the suitcase.

There was a full name, address, and phone number though.

The curious side of me wants to research the person and check it out.

But I will leave it be.

And though the suitcase was empty,
it did have bullet holes scattered throughout.

Obviously it was being used as a target.

Or was it?


  1. Weird. Lots of story ideas there!

  2. I am with you. I would be trying to find out more about the person's name on the suitcase. oooohhhhhhh......... a mystery!!

  3. interesting. if you do investigate, i'd be interested to hear what happens.

  4. Great story, JarieLyn. Your imagination sounds a lot like mine. And something like that just begs for an explanation, doesn't it? I think it was probably used by some old dreamer who had stashed every spare dollar under his mattress before tossing his job, packing his money and a change of undies in the suitcase and taking off to Las Vegas to win himself a fortune. Lost it all, of course. Changed his undies, no further use for the suitcase, tossed it as he headed out of town.

  5. Girlfriend!! You might hold all the clues to a great mystery! I couldn't leave it alone :)

  6. I just noticed the title of this blog on somebody elses channel, and out of curiosity, had to call by and read it. I also posted a blog before Xmas with a very similar title I wondered whether our stories which were written in different parts of the world, were similar. :-) The stories are different but I have read a few of your posts and have really enjoyed my visit to your channel :-)) Greetings from England.

  7. Whoa, lots of room for imagination there.

    I can think of a few scenarios myself.

  8. Oh clever you. Such a fine mystery.

  9. What an exciting find! I thought maybe it was someone's lost airline luggage!

  10. How strange is that? I mean the bullet holes, well actually the whole thing. I'm like you. When I see something like that all kind of stories pop into my head. It made for a great story though and a great picture! And I do remember the song "It's a family affair"!

  11. Sounds like the perfect place to dump a body and their suitcase.... eeek!

  12. way to much room for my imagination. I would have to solve the mystery



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