Saturday, January 9, 2010

Camera Club Update And Info

Last night was the first meeting of the year for my camera club. 
I couldn't show up hungry so Gayla and I had Mexican food and a Margarita.
We also had a margarita after the meeting.


Okay, I know you're all anxious to hear about how exciting it was so I will get on with the update.

We had a special guest speaker last night.

Someone who drew a huge crowd.

There were over 225 people who showed up at this meeting.

This person has photographed in over 100 countries.

He has personally instructed several celebrities.

He has published 34 books.

One of his books won the coveted Golden Light Award.

Another of his books won the Ben Franklin Award.

He writes for PC Photo and has been nominated for the Photoshop Hall of Fame.

Before I tell you who he is, I first want to say that this was an excellent program.

This person is a phenomenal speaker who captivated the entire audience,
and held our attention by making us laugh and connecting with us and inspiring us with a slideshow
of his amazing photos that he has snapped from around the world.
He encouraged us.

We learned about HDR photography and the presentation he gave was so informative.
I can tell you that I am drooling over the amazing pictures that are now imbedded in my mind.

It's good to know that most of his shots are set up.
Good shots like this don't just happen.
Most of the amazing photos we see in magazines don't just happen.
They are staged and produced like a movie.

The one thing he said, that I will always remember is this:

Don't Take Pictures, Make Pictures.

The information that we came away with is too good not to share.
What I'm about to share with you is as good as finding gold.

The guest speaker was Rick Sammon.

He gave us some wonderful links to follow so that we can be inspired and so that we can learn.

First, I highly recommend going to Rick's Website
It is packed with lots of information and inspiration.

Rick also has more than a dozen lessons/tips on his YouTube channel
If you go to his website you should see links for this.

You can also get photography and photoshop lessons on

You can get several free photoshop lessons on

So, not only were we enlightened with great images, we were also given an opportunity to continue learning.

I hope you all will check out all the great info.  It really is amazing stuff.

Thank you!


  1. Oh thanks for the info...I think I will live vicariously through you where the camera club is concerned! I'll have a margarita to make it official! Cheers!

  2. Sounds like you are really enjoying your photography group. I'll definitely check out those links. What a great way for you to start out the year!

  3. Thanks for the links, JarieLyn. You've just enticed me into passing about 2 hours that I had other plans for. But the lawn is still there waiting to be mowed, it hasn't gone away, so no harm done. It must have been terrific listening to that guy speak!

  4. Thanks for the references! I will definitely use them.

  5. Too late to pursue this tonight, but I will do the research tomorrow...sounds exciting.

  6. How wonderful to be a part of this group! i can't wait to check out the links...thank you for the inspiration.

  7. I'm so really jealous !

    wow wow wow !

  8. Thanks for the comment, but you would have to tutor me in HDR. I have no clue!

  9. Thanks for the info.

    Your club sounds really cool. The first time I read the idea of making pictures, not taking them, was when reading about Ansel Adams...and he was quoted as saying that.

    It sure does stick in one's head, doesn't it?

  10. THANK YOU!! Again I am so proud of you and you inspire me! I'm off to check out these sites :)



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