Wednesday, January 6, 2010


I'm on a mission to discover a healthier me this year.

Today, I feel fresh like the strawberries above.

I joined Curves this morning and I am looking forward to my first work out tomorrow morning.

It's a brand new day, the beginning of a new decade and an opportunity for a fresh start.

Happy New Year!

Love and happiness to one and all who land here.


  1. Joining Curves sounds like a great idea--hope you'll enjoy it!
    I find I prefer to actually LIKE the exercise I am doing to stick with it. So far, I only like walking(the dog), hiking and biking. But, I did buy a yoga mat a few days ago, to do sit-up's on every other day(and today is my designated sit-up day..groan)and I'll stry to stick with that whether I enjoy it or not.
    Of course, I love to eat and find recipes for healthy foods and your strawberries slices up top look luscious.

  2. Good luck with it! I am also going to try to go to the gym more. Not to mention my sister and I made a bet that whoever loses five pounds first has to buy the other a cd or book.

  3. Good for you. I'm sure you'll be feeling changes before long. Best of luck. :)

  4. Hey those strawberries look really really good! Good for you. I am interested to hear how you like Curves.

  5. Good for you JL! I'm a walking girl myself. Those strawberries look yummy.

  6. Oooh, somehow I missed this post. Those strawberries look luscious! Let me know how you like Curves...I quite LA Fitness in the fall and I still walk 3 miles a day but should really some more.

  7. You are going to love it! I did Curves for about two years and I lost 35 lbs. It's so easy and hasslefree. I really should join up again. Let me know what you think.

    The nicest ladies workout there :-)



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