Saturday, January 2, 2010

FSO- Under Construction

I hope everyone had a happy New Year.  This week's theme for Friday My Town Shoot Out was chosen by Gordon. To participate in this week's shoot out and to view other shoot outs for this theme please go to mr. linky and add your link to the list.  I think this week's theme is perfect timing.  Under Construction is our theme and what better choice for the beginning of a new year, because really, isn't the new year about improving upon ourselves and rebuilding our foundations?  I always think of myself as being under construction.  I am definitely a work in progress.  The following photo shows the first of many improvements I plan to make in my physical appearance this year.

New Year, new look.  No more long hair, no more gray.  I feel great!

There are so many interpretations for this theme.  My husband has an old toyota truck that has been under construction since he acquired it in 2004.  It's ugly, however, not as ugly as it used to be.  My husband has put a lot of work into this project such as removing the bed of the truck, making it into a flatbed and adding tool boxes.  This alone greatly improved the look of this old beater.

Believe me, the photo does this truck justice.  Hahaha.  It doesn't look so bad here, does it?
As you can see, the flatbead is still under construction.  After he built the fame for the flatbead,
he discovered that the metal plate he would need to complete the flatbead would cost around $4.000.00 and the truck itself isn't worth that much, so he's still trying to figure out what he wants to do to make it complete.
The rest of the truck needs lots of work.

Obviously, a paint job is probably in this old truck's future.

And so is a new front end.

and the inside needs a complete overhaul.
Maybe someday, he'll get this baby looking spiffy.  Time will tell.

As you all know, I live in Las Vegas, Nevada.
It is the fasted growing state in the nation.  When I first moved to Las Vegas in 1998, people were moving here at the rate of 4,000 residents per month.  I'm not sure what the statistics are now, but that's a lot of people moving into town.  It is for that reason that our town is always under construction.  There is a never ending development of shopping centers, apartments, condos, casinos, houses, office complexes, and restaraunts.  I'm not kidding, the construction never ends.  With new developments, there also comes lots of road work.  It can be very frustrating driving around this town because the roads are always being worked on. There are detours, traffic jams, rough roads that cause damage to vehicles.  It's progress, but we do pay a price getting there.

Here's one from the archives........ 

Mucho Gracias!

Much thanks for stopping by.




  1. Hey chickie, like the new hairdo. You look more sophisticated, but I also loved the romantic long hair look.

  2. Your hair looks great--that's a nice way to start off a brand new year!

  3. hair!!!! LOVE it! Now I want to go and cut mine! Such a nice way to start off the year!

  4. nice new look for you for the New Year!! the truck is a real work in progress!! lol

    happy new year!!

  5. How about a couple of pieces of plywood for that flatbed? 4K is nuts! That building fro your archives (a medical center was it?) is so amazing. I bet the architect is Frank Gehry. MIT has a similar building designed by him, but he is being sued by them b/c there are so many problems with it. I hope he got it ironed out for the LV building project.

    Anyway, Happy New Year!

  6. oh, and I forgot to say: your New Look is great! I like it!

  7. We are in the Steel business. My husband has built many a flatbed. In fact we got our fireplace by swapping a flatbed for a Ford work truck. It's sweet! So I know it can cost that much or more :(

    I love your new hair cut, cute, cute!
    This was a great take on under construction.

  8. I'm with you for a new look, JarieLyn. Wish I could wave a magic wand and get one like yours! :) Love that weird building!

  9. I love the new hair....

    and yes, as women especially, we are always under construction !

    happy new year !

  10. I love your haircut!! I love that building in the last photo--that is one of the coolest things I've ever seen!

  11. Ha Ha JarieLyn...I LOVE the new do! I never noticed any gray in your photos before anyway. I have plenty but it still blends in with the remaining blondes I have left from my youth...unless you get too close or I don't get enough sun.

    Happy New Year to you friend....your comment made my day. I think of you the same way! I thought maybe you were back at your in laws when there were no posts for a while. Well, enjoy the new year and the new do.

  12. You do that hair do justice!
    I think its fabulous just like u!

  13. Love the haircut..looks fantastic on you. As for the truck I think a nice wooden bed would look nice.

  14. Your hair looks wonderful. I've not taken the shorter hair plunge. Nor the gray hair plunge, thankfully. ;)

    Happy 2010! :)

  15. LOL! No more long hair? From the point of view of me and my pixie cut, that is long hair. It looks great, btw.

    I have a niece in Henderson, so from time to time I have to brave Las Vegas roads. I can't imagine doing it all the time. Oh, and I had forgotten about that archival shot. I would love to see the building itself.

  16. My husband worked for the two utilities for 23 years - it has been a real challenge for NV Energy to keep up with all of the building, I know. Same in the north. With the downturn, I wonder if we will no longer be the fastest growing state? We could use a little rest, don't you think?

    That building is amazing! Worth a trip to LV just to see it.

    Love the new "do"!

  17. Love the new hairstyle! That must be so much easier to maintain than long hair right?

    That poor little truck, but at least someone is giving it some TLC.

    And just wanted you to know that if I do make it to Vegas this year I will definitely let you know so we can get together for coffee, lunch a drink...whateva!

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