Friday, October 30, 2009

Friday My Town Shoot Out ~ Park Landscapes

Today's theme is park landscapes chosen by yours truly, ME!  Please click on the link to see a list of members and to check out some awesome shoots for this theme.

I chose Tule Springs Ranch State Park for my shoot-out, mainly because of its history.  In order for you to appreciate the photos I took, I need to give you a brief summary so bear with me for a moment.

In the 1920's and 30's Nevada relaxed it divorce laws, thus launching the "Divorce Industry" which included lawyers, judges and hotel owners.  The most colorful aspect of this new industry was the "divorce ranch" where would-be divorcees  (many of them wealthy eastern socialites) could live and entertain themselves while waiting to fulfill Nevada's six week residency requirement.  Guests would spend their time swimming, horseback riding, picnicking, or even helping out with ranch chores.  Tule Springs Park reserves one of the last remaining divorce ranches in the Las Vegas area.

What a difference compared to the photo in the sign above it.  It barely looks like the same bridge.

There are a lot more buildings on the grounds

but why don't you take a walk with me around the park

and we'll spot some fisherman fishing in the large pond.

Down the path.......

up the steps....

up yonder.....

and over a stream

Spotted:  two lovey dovey geese

The End.....


Even though this theme was chosen by me, it is one of my least favorite shoot-outs. 
 Nonetheless Tule Springs ranch is a very pretty park and the history is incredible.
These photos, except for the buildings
are some of my favorites of the park
among the pictures that I took in September.


  1. What a great shoot-out subject! My step-mother's father was an old Nevada cowboy, working on a ranch of this sort right outside of Reno, when he met and married a socialite out of NYC. The movie The Misfits was about this marriage, between my step-grandfather, who was running horses with my Dad out of Gerlach. (He worked on the movie.) I still remember the socialite sending me a record of "Swan Lake" for Christmas one year.

    Thanks for the little diversion down memory lane and Dude Ranches!

  2. Nancy, I love your bit of history. Now I want to rent the movie and I'll think of you while watching it.

  3. Divorce ranches!! I hadn't heard of this before. Wouldn't they have such a good time that they might change their minds and decide to stay together? It looks like fun. The bridge is a little strange though; is it just me, or is it actually not bridging anything?
    Hey, this was a perfect topic for the shoot-out; I can't believe nobody else thought of it earlier.

  4. Looks so nice and warm there...not at all like the misty fall day I have here.

  5. I enjoyed your park JL! The ducks are great. But the folks by the pond are my favs! Great job!

  6. how interesting....... a divorce ranch!!? I bet a lot went on there that you can't post on here!! lol :-)

    beautiful place to be for six weeks though. have a happy weekend!!

  7. Love the Peacock - such an elegant bird. Great theme.

  8. Oh Beautiful shots! I used to love the parks in beautiful..little cool places to stop in all of the heat. Wonderful bird shots too!! Love the geese!!

  9. I hate I missed the FSO today since you came up with the theme - maybe I can catch up later - oh! I'd love to have some of Chimney Rock Park --

  10. A divorce ranch! What a hoot. I'd never heard of this.

  11. Divorces ranches...hmmm, there is no end to the way ingenious people can come up with to make a living! LOL I never knew about those ranches. I liked the tour and history too.

  12. JarieLyn, your lovey dovey geese are so cute! Distracted me from the beauty of your park. I've never heard of a divorce ranch so thanks for the background story.

  13. I enjoyed your theme very much.

    Your shots are very restful and I like the history too!

  14. Thanks for the great photo assignment! And thanks for sharing the park landscape photos. I would love to relax over the place and I love the photo of two lovely geese

  15. Sorry I didn't join the shoot out this week, it's been a hellofa week around here.
    Your pictures are really pretty of this park and they make me want to visit there. Good job!

  16. Divorce ranches are a fascinating idea. I love the shot of the geese!

  17. Wow. You did it up right. I love all the beautiful scenes. What a lovely place. Those geese are just adorable.

  18. Your least favorite subject for FSO? Girl! It's on of the best themes! What a great way to see protected landscapes all over the world. Love the story behind the shots!

  19. Shared an award with you on my blog today.

  20. Looks like a wonderful place to spend some time. Thanks for bringing us there. :)

  21. I love the pics and the angles. What a homey place!

  22. You are just too darn cute! I also saw my choice of 'Aquariums' and thought what was I thinking when I wrote that back when they ask us, LOL, but I still have a photo of a turtle waiting to post, LOL!

    I might be one of those fisher-people one day when you pass...the bridge thing is too funny, and odd...

  23. I liked the theme :)
    The geese are too cute and the divorce ranch is too funny!

  24. JarieLyn,
    Love your pictures. I would love to visit this place. It just seems like a great spot to sit and meditate or read or just catch up on girl talk!

  25. So many pleasant shots. So warm and lovely.



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