Monday, November 2, 2009

I Want To Scream......


Today, I have earned my bragging rights.

In true Dave Ramsey fashion,

I can scream at the top of my lungs


This morning I made my very last mortage payment.


My husband and I discovered Dave Ramsey in 2004

and we started following his plan.

That meant doing a monthly budget

and living below our means.

There was no deprivation.

We still did whatever we wanted,

we just paid more attention to  where our money went.

We bought our house in December of 2001.

After we discovered Dave Ramsey,

we refinanced our house down to a ten year fixed rate loan at 5 %.

Our plan was to have it paid off in eight years from that date

which was November 24th, 2004.

And today,

 I have earned the right to say that it took us exactly five years.

I am so proud of us.

This is my biggest accomplishment to date,

except for the time I quit smoking.

That's my house in the photo above

and my two roomies on the front lawn.

Yes, that's my husband and my dog.

Don't they both look so cute?

I love that picture.

And below.........

(click on photo to enlarge)

Our next door neighbor, Bob

and a view of our neighborhood.

I must say that we got extrememly lucky with the neighbors that we have.

The whole street is a great bunch of people.

Life is good and we are very blessed.

I am one lucky woman.

Oh, and this post marks my 100th post which is also an accomplisment.


I just found out I was given a blog award by Rebecca at The Dusty Cellar.

I will post a separate blog about that

but I am very excited and so grateful that she would think of me.

Thank you Rebecca!


  1. Woohoo.. congrats all around. You have every reason to hoot and holler. Good for you! :)

  2. Congratulations. CONGRATULATIONS! You are the good citizens that this country needs. I raise a glass of congratualtory wine to you. Both of you!!!!

  3. Yay!!! I am so happy for you! Being in the same position, I can say from experience, that it is a truly wonderful feeling. I have no desire to buy on credit ever again. Our daughter and son-in-law were given tickets to Dave Ramsey in Portland a few weeks ago, a gift from his parents. They have a plan! I'm so excited for them. In this terrible economy, the only "safety" is in being debt free and owning your home. Congrats on everything, inlcuding your 100th post, and your award.

  4. OK Jarielyn, where do I start?? Happy House seems to be in order! Your house is beautiful! What a wonderful feeling! And I am proud of you too! Happy 100th post and I am so glad I found you!

  5. Wow!! I am so proud for you and your husband!!!! We paid our's off about 10 years ago and the freedom that it brings is such a blessing in our lives. It was such a worth while goal for us and I know for yall. A BIG Congratulations!!!!!

  6. Congratulations! Yay for you!!! Time for a happy dance. We did the same thing, live below our 'means' to get debt free. It was wonderful because we paid off the mortgage the year before our oldest started college so there was no pressure affording college.

    It is really wonderful you accomplished that. I am excited for you cause there is nothing like the freedom of knowing you are not in debt to anyone!!! And I don't have to work. ;D

  7. shouting is not enough....
    are you doing a happy dance, too !!!
    congrats !

  8. Congrats to you & your Husband. THAT'S AWESOME.

  9. wow! congrats to you two! quite an accomplishment indeed. what is the next step?

  10. Congratulations - this is a wonderful achievement!

  11. Way to go! Congratulations on all counts.

  12. Yay you two! Well done and congratulations. I hope you celebrated in an appropriate fashion. That is some accomplishment indeed!

  13. They all said it but I'm saying it again, congratulations! :)

  14. Yaay! I bet this feels soooo good. Our mortgage has a ways to go yet, but it will feel great when it disappears.

  15. Feels good doesn't it! We have been for the past twenty...

  16. OMG whoo hoo girl..that is wonderful hon! Huge congratulations!!!!! Sarah

  17. Congrats for the accomplishments! And you are debt free too. That's great. Goodluck to both of you!

  18. wow, that is impressive, mortgage and everything! That is really really rare!! They offer classes at church, and I have considered taking them, but after hearing how you made it work for you, it is more appealing! Now you can do so many fun things with your extra 'mortage $$.'



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