Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Random Thoughts

It's really windy outside and the sky is painted gray

There's a small chance it might rain

and I welcome the sprinkles to shower my neighborhood.


I gave Sasha a bath earlier today

which  always takes place in the shower downstairs.

She likes the water a little warm

(okay, well maybe that's more me than her)

She didn't enjoy her bath today

she had a frown on her face the whole time,

if that's possible for a dog.

I also clipped her toenails which was a difficult task.

Even more difficult than that was the attempt I made

to brush her teeth.

Ah, the joys of pet ownership.
She then begged me to let her outside

and I finally relented

even though she's still wet

and it's cold and windy.

But ultimately,

that made her very happy

and it gave me joy to watch her roll around in the grass


My parents are coming for a visit on the 18th of November.

I'm looking forward to seeing them

and going out for a drink.

My parents are a lot of fun when we are out.

They love to dance.

And I love watching them.

It's also the day before my 15th wedding anniversary.

It's going to be a really good month.

We are going to Oregon for Thanksgiving

and then I am stopping in Marysville, Ca.

to visit with my childhood friend, Tina.

I can't hardly wait to get on the road and enjoy the change of scenery.

I am getting excited at the thought of exploring

and discovering things to photograph.

I'm counting down the days.


I found a camera club I want to join.

Their next meeting is on the 13th of November

and hopefully

they will accept my membership.

I am already acting as if I'm a member....haha

I can't wait to go on field trips

and learn more about photography

and be able to share that with like minded people.

My friend Gayla is going to join the club with me

so I am really excited to have somebody to do something with.

It should be a lot of fun.


It's mid afternoon and I feel like taking a nap.

I think I'll lie down on the couch and rest my eyes for ahwile.

I hope everyone has a fabulous fun filled day.

Thanks for taking the time to stop and visit me.



  1. Oh JarieLyn...I found a camera club too but I am too chicken to join it alone. How 'bout you come down here and attend it with me? LOL. Oh I wish I wasn't a big chicken. Good luck with yours! Glad you have a friend to go with you.

  2. I love that saying,I love your dog and I love you JL! Hope you had a good nap.

  3. Your life reads like grateful, happy poetry

    Your feelings expressed about your parents made me smile--not everyone can say that about their parents.

  4. Loved this whole post!
    Such a cute Sasha.
    I would love to have that many plans to look forward to in November. I'm happy for you. I'm also very proud of you for joining a camera club. I've been meaning to do that but have been so busy with life I've just not had much time. Maybe soon.

  5. It sounds like you're having one great time. It's so nice when there are a number of great things to look forward too. That dog is marvelous!

  6. A camera club sounds wonderful. I don't have one near here. You will have to share what you learn. No wonder you are so fun, you came from fun parents.

  7. Happy anniversary!!! Love the doggie...
    We loved Laughlin, but I think I liked Las Vegas a bit better, my allergies weren't as bad in LV. Laughlin is very beautiful and we had a great time at the casino where the reunion was held. Thanks so much for the advice on Laughlin, it gave me a heads-up on what to look for...Thanks

  8. Don't you just love it when you give your dog a bath and they roll in the dirt. A camera club sounds great, and a visit with your parents is lovely.

  9. The camera club sounds great. Nothing like people who share the same interest to spend some quality time with. I love how you are so happy your parents are coming. I pray my children feel the same way. We are navigating that no man's land between parents who actively parent, and ones that are just friends.

    Having a rest for the eyes is a Nevada must - those dry old peeps need a rest by afternoon!

  10. A camera club sounds like a good idea, but i would never have the courage to join, instead I'll just read what you have to say about it.

    Today I got lectured by the vet about brushing dogs' teeth! It cost $300 to have Eddy's teeth cleaned! So I'd better start doing this more often.

  11. really, sometimes there is nothing better than a clean dog :)

    a camera club....I want to join a camera club, too !

    wow...you've got some busy times ahead of you with parents and traveling....

  12. Sounds like you're going to have a great November!

    I would love the join a camera club, or take a cooking class, or an art class, or learn to play piano...lol.

    But for now, I'm just happy with my blogging; at least until I win the lottery and can do all of the above and not have to show up for the 8 to 5 grind anymore.

  13. We will miss you guys at Thanksgiving this year. I know it's been a rough few months but I'm looking forward to some family time.



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