Thursday, October 22, 2009

Road Trippin

Monday morning Justin and I hit the road to California.

As we left the house I noticed how billowy the clouds looked

and I kept pointing out various shapes to my husband.

I kept watching the clouds as we drove and when we got to the state line,

we pulled into the parking lot of Whiskey Pete's to let Sasha out to pee.

I was taking photos of the Whiskey Pete's sign

when I noticed a heart shaped cloud meant just for me.

I knew it was a sign that our trip was going to be smooth sailing.

And it was.

Another heart presented itself to me,

not in the form of a cloud but in the form of a man made sign.

I accepted with faith that this was a sign of a good omen.

We even drove by the Angel Stadium as the game was going on.

I snapped a photo driving by at 60 mph.

Click on the photo to see all the people in the stands.

In a nearby town we stopped to get gas

and I think that's when my good omen turned sour.

Even trees aren't immune from ugly graffiti

We made it to our destination of Seal Beach without any complications.

Until we started looking for a motel room.

This is the parking garage of the first motel we stopped at.

They wouldn't allow our Sasha to join us so we had to move on.

Several motels later, just off Pacific Coast Highway

we finally found one that would allow Sasha to check in with us.

Remember when I mentioned above that our good omen had turned sour?

Well, what I meant to say is that our room was sour.


When we noticed all the motel room doors propped open with a chair

on all three levels,

we should have taken that as a sign.

But we'd been on the road for eight hours,

an exceptionally long drive for where we were going.

We were tired and just wanted to get a room and relax.

Well, we got our room on the third floor and it looked clean

but it felt a little muggy in there.  No big deal.

That is...
until we closed the door and a sour smell permeated the entrie space.

It smelled like dirty feet, but was in fact a soured shower curtain.

Oh well, we decided we could live with the smell.

We took a walk down PCH

and found a wonderful marina.

And another sign which tickled me pink

because I happen to agree.

But most of you probably don't.

We saw lots of tropical plants and pretty flowers.

We ate dinner at a Mexican restaurant then made our way back to the motel room.

After being in the room for awhile, we not only smelled a sour aroma,

but the stinch of a dog's former pissing ground came wafting up from the floor

and knocked us breathless.

We complained and bitched about it but we didn't take action.

We stayed. 

At three o'clock in the morning, I bolted upright out of bed.

I heard a strange noise but I couldn't figure out where it was coming from.

At first, I thought it was Justin snoring so I scooched closer to him

nestlng my head against his back and I listened.

Nope, not Justin. 

Could it be Sasha?

Again, I listened intently, practically straining to hear.

Nope, not Sasha, but that damn sound is still there.

It's annoying. 

Now, It sounds like a power tool of some sort.  Maybe it's a drill.

I can't tell. 

A vibrator, possibly?

I'm screaming in my head to shut the hell up

when I realize that the sound is coming from the room next door and though

it is similar to the sound of a power drill or a vibrator

it's in fact someone snoring.

I'm awake, can't go back to sleep

and I have to be up at five in the morning to

drive Justin to a job site.

I survived but next day I was dragging my ass.

But I did find this really cool lagoon in Long Beach

and I took lots of pictures of the scenery and of Sasha swimming.

There are some incredibly amazing trees in this area.

I'm home now and being lazy again.

I have a lot of catching up to do in regards to reading and commenting on blogs.

But I will happily browse and get caught up by this weekend.

So, until tomorrow's shoot out

I'll be seeing you.


  1. lol what a bad hotel room! yuck!! I would have moved to another room and hope it was better. I had to do that when I went on a little road trip over Labor Day Weekend.

    sounds like other than that you had a marvelous trip.

    have a great weekend!!

  2. Hey Jarielyn,
    I'm sorry you had such a bad experience with that motel. Been there done that. But otherwise it seems like a great trip. I love the heart cloud, how lucky for you be capture it to share with us

  3. ICKY room. I hate it when I can hear somebody else snoring. And that smell. yuck. But wait, did you really see a heart-shaped cloud? Crazy! I look at clouds all the time, and have never seen such a perfect heart. That was amazing.

  4. I used to love road trips when I was younger. I miss doing so actually. Your hear-shaped cloud pic is just so endearing. Perhaps the heart signs were there to remind you to take heart even if the power-drill snoring of your next-door neighbor was unbearable.

  5. I feel like I need a shower after reading about the room.. ugh.. but the rest of your time sure sounded plenty nice. Love the heart-shaped cloud!

  6. A yucky hotel room... I'll bet we've all got stories to tell about that! I agree when you are travelling with dogs it is more difficult to find a decent room without paying a small fortune. I've been pretty lucky the last few years and only had one bad room - in Indiana on my way to Kansas a few years back.

    That heart-shaped cloud is a really cool photo!



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