Thursday, October 29, 2009

A Blogging Muse

If you're a writer at heart like I am,

Then you know that there are times,

lots of times when you just don't feel the flow.

No matter how hard you try,

how much you think about it,

sometimes the words just don't come.

You've got writer's block.

Sometimes for just a day,

 or a week or a month or even a year or longer.

Then you start thinking maybe you never were a writer at all.

I'm not talking perfect grammar here.

Lots of published authurs are extremely nit-picky about proper punctuation.

A real writer though,

lets the words flow from the heart without fear of being criticized.

If one worries about correct spelling, proper punctuation and sentence structure

how can one be fully engaged in what he has to say?

Being perfect takes away the creative flow and the imagination. 

It ruins the story that's inside and that is really sad.

I know a lot of people that don't write well and can't spell worth a hill of beans

but boy, do they have some good stories to tell.

Perfection is not about being perfect,

It's about being creative, imaginitive, and authentic

and letting that authenticity flow out onto paper.

I know of the perfect muse to help your creative juices flow.

It will help to hone your writing skills,

It will encourage your imagination to become more vivid,

It will spur your creativity to come alive.

What the hell am I talking about? you may be wondering.

I am talking about a new blog started by Heather


Every day she posts a picture.

The picture is to inspire you to write.

Each day you are prompted to write with a different theme.

For example,

 Monday's photo - What memories does the photo evoke from you?

Tuesday's Tale - Write a short fictional piece, as the photo inspires.

Wednesday's Ten - Ten words of first thought, as you look at this photo.

Thursday's THE - After looking at the photo, begin a sentence or more with the word "The".

Friday's Poetry - While looking at the photo, share a few lines of poetry.

Well, don't take my word for it.

Go have a look yourself and why don't you give your writing a little push--

Uh, I mean prompt.

It can't hurt

and who knows....

you just might find your flow over at Heather's.

Happy writing!

Oh, just go.


  1. Oh wonderful post!! I love to a total amateur and can't spell to save my life. I hope my stories are worth reading. I do love what you offer up here!! I do!! I love your writing!
    Honestly perfection isn't all it's cracked up to be unless you are building shelves..then it helps a bit. I'm off to check out this wonderful writing site!! Thank you, Sarah

  2. My pictures can be used to motivate my thoughts or if I have a thought I sometimes look for a picture to enhance. The ideal situation would be to create the picture only with words.

  3. That's a pretty interesting idea.

  4. Oh, I agee, JarieLyn. I just haven't been in the writing place for the past week or so. I got your "words" but find I can't deliver on demand. And I struggle with my photos, too. If they don't add to or tell a story, I'm just not into them.



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