Friday, October 9, 2009

Five Words

I decided to play along in a meme that I found over at Tabor's blog, One Day At A Time.  For this meme, you write about five words that apply to your life.  The words were chosen by Tabor and if you'd like to try your hand at five words please comment below and I will send you five different words for you to find inspiration from. 

Here are the five words she sent me: 

1.  Play-  I think everyone should take time out to play.  I know when I allow myself to play, I notice that my worries dissipate.  I evolve into someone else.  I become carefree and youthful and I feel the stress melt away.  The lines around my mouth, formed by frowns seem to disappear, if only briefly.  Play leads to laughter and laughter leads to healing.  Emotional healing.  Lord knows, we could all use a little tune-up in that department.

I love to play with my camera.  Snap, snap, snap.  It's my favorite form of play these days, and I really enjoy it.  Even my dog is getting used to seeing my camera and she whines now when I start clicking away as if to say, "yes, yes, yes.  I'm here, mama.  take my picture."  She smiles big and wags her tail when I get trigger happy.

Oh, I love to play with words too.  It may not sound fun to a lot of people but I like the sound of words and how sometimes they just flow to form a poetic picture.  The following words were inspired by a friend's feline shaped wine bottle, which I am holding for her at my house.  I wrote this little diddy earlier this morning.  Click on the photo to enlarge and see full detail.

Cari's kitty is very well taken care of.
She is embraced by the warmth of the leaves
and surrounded by hearts full of love.
She awaits for a cup to runneth over
with the sweetness of her fruity juice.
Lips to glass.  Wine to tongue.
A taste to be savored, not with bottle,
but with senses.
Smell it.  Taste it. 
Siwsh, swish
then swallow.
A toast to you, my friend.
Consume the wine
I call kitty divine.

2.  Impact-  There are so many things and people who have had an impact on my life.  I could write about all of them but that would make this post way too long and boring and I would lose my audience.  SNOOZE.
My grandparents have had the strongest impact on me.  I learned through their examples what it means to be kind and generous.  Throughout their whole lives they showered me with love and acceptance, not to mention  all the other people they touched.  They taught me the important things in life; a good value system, a good work ethic, hospitality; and basic kindness.  I have never met anyone who have hearts as big as theirs.  I am so grateful to have been born into their family.  I miss them every single day, and sometimes I still talk to them when I'm feeling lonely or depressed or when I am just missing them.  Do they talk back?  No, not literally, but I hold their images close to my heart and I can see their faces and If I listen really hard, I can almost hear a whisper from the other side.

3.  Ambient-  I had some difficulty with this word, but I finally know what it means for me.  The ambient sound of the television keeps good company with me on a daily basis, even as I write this, and always, while I hop from blog to blog.  The ambient noise is my constant companion.  It drowns out my own thoughts and keeps the negative stirrings at bay.

4.  Pretend -  Sometimes I pretend to be happy when I'm sad.  That's about all I have to say on this word, except that I don't pretend to be someone or something I am not.

5.  Gorgeous-  Gorgeous is one of my favorite words to say.  when I use this word to compliment someone, it usually means that my senses have been excited visually or I've heard something that has touched me deeply.  I love the way the word sounds when It rolls off my tongue.  Gorgeous means beautiful, breathtaking, stunning, heartwarming.  I am surrounded by gorgeous people, gorgeous landscape and every day I am inspired by all the gorgeous photos and gorgwous words I come across in blog land.  It's amazing how many gorgeous blogs there are.  By that, I mean awe inspiring, creative, touching, etc.

Wow, I wrote more than I anticipated.  I hope you all had the patience to get through it.  If you'd like five words of your own, please say so in the comment section and I'll send you a fresh set of five words for you to work with.  Now, go visit Tabor.  You just might find a blog you want to follow because you like her style.


  1. Great words and activity. Will give these some thought!

  2. Excellent post. I like the concept. Forces you to sit back and take stock, doesn't it? Glad I came to read today. :)

    Go ahead and send me your words.


  3. I really liked this one as well as my mother's.

  4. These were just "Gorgeous!" Truly, I enjoyed this a lot. I can relate to much of your "play" paragraphs. You know i love playing with my camera and wordplay is irresistible to me - puns and such. :) And I once had that exact shaped feline wine bottle.. only it was purple and not transparent.. oh but it was the same kitty. :)

  5. OK, Jarie Lyn, I take a while to think about things. But hit me with your words and I'll give it a go.

  6. It feels scary but challengeing. I'll give it a go.

  7. Yeah, we should never forget to be like children once in a while. After all, life should be a balance between work and play.

    Tabor led me to your site and I'm grateful. You're gorgeous! :)



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