Sunday, October 11, 2009

Mosaic Monday ~ Desert Views

I'm joining in on Mosaic Monday once again.  It's hosted by Mary, at Little Red House.  Please visit her blog to see her beautiful mosaic.  It really is stunning.  She is very talented. 

Here is mine. 

Las Vegas isn't all fun and games.

All photos were taken October of this year in and around

Red Rock Canyon

A great place to get away from the usual touristy places in Las Vegas.

Next time you come to Las Vegas

and you get tired of the casinos,

inquire about Red Rock Canyon

and Bonnie Springs.


You'll see a side of Las Vegas

you never thought existed.

Thanks for visiting my blog.  I hope you enjoyed.

Now, please visit Mary.  Her mosaic is absolutely gorgeous.


  1. Jarie Lyn, that is fabulous! I love the natural, rustic colours. My daughters have visited your state and a lot of their photos were like these.

  2. What beautiful photos, and how beautifully you've combined them for the mosaic. laurie

  3. That has such a wild west feel to it. I love your pooch walking the tracks. Fun stuff!

  4. Fabulous photos for Mosaic Monday

  5. Terrific mosaic showing the natural beauty of Las Vegas. I love that red earth color! Have a great week. :)

  6. Very interesting, Jarielyn. I've been to Vegas but never to Red Rock Canyon. We've heard about it and decided after our next trip we want to rent a car to drive to see it. Have a great new week...Kathy

  7. Hi!
    Very nice photos!! Looks like a great place to visit. Have never been to Las Vegas. Have a great day!


  8. What a gorgeous Mosiac! Love the colors and scenery. Have a great week!

  9. Very nice, JarieLyn. You are so amazingly gifted. I love the way your creativity flows!


  10. Think this would make a great postcard. Really like the way you've put the pics together.

  11. off to see mary...but your photos are fabulous !

    and being 8 again....maybe just for a day :)

  12. Very cool mosaic. Nevada has its own beauty doesn't it? I really like the area out by Austin, where my father lived. He was a true Nevada desert rat. He would never have lived anywhere else. He loved it here. My daughters are fifth generation. Deep roots. Thanks for the reminder that we are more than gaming and tourists.

  13. What a beautiful mosaic!

    I love how 'old west' it looks.

  14. Thanks for the info. Your mosaic is a delight of colors of the real west. Sharon

  15. JarieLyn, you are so good at this! This is one of my favs!

  16. Fabulous country out there in the west! We recently went to Yellowstone in WY and I was so amazed by all the scenery and natural geysers, etc. If I visit Los vageas I'll make sure to see more of the natual scenery looks so pretty!

    Happy Mosaic Monday

  17. Hi Jarielyn,
    What a great place for photos! I'll have to check it out next time I go to Vegas. It can get old to just hang out in the casino's and I hate to gamble.

    Love your mosaic, have a great week! Thanks for stopping by :-)

  18. Jarielyn, I never pictured that when I think of Las Vegas! (Never been there.) Thanks for sharing that- it is more my kinda style than the touristy stuff. I love to get away and into nature. You have some lovely shots there. I like Sasha on the RR tracks.

  19. That certainly isn't what I think of when I think of Vegas! Beautiful and scenic photos in your mosaic.

  20. Lovely mosaic and beautiful place! I have heard of this place before and I wanted to visit someday.

    Have a great week!

  21. Looks like a fun trip. We are planning to visit Vegas sometime, hopefully soon... Your pictures make me want to visit now.

  22. Isnt it interesting how we find something new -- especially when we thought something would be so pradicable?

    If you have a moment I would love you to stop by and say hi.

    TTFN~~ Claudia ♥ ♥

  23. Love your mosaic. I lived in the Mojave desert when I was a teen and these pictures remind me of that time. Also, thank you for your kind words on my mosaic and no I don't have a sprinkler system - ugh!

  24. Marvelous desert mosaic ... it DOES remind me of a postcard. Thanks for visiting Small Reflections ;--)
    Hugs and blessings,

  25. This New England gal(who has never been further west than Kentucky) just marvels at the views!
    I would love to experience your western, desert landscape one day. Never been interested in the "glitz " of Vegas itself, but the countryside looks amazing! Thanks for opening my eyes.

  26. I have to agree with Gal Friday -- never been out west, but would love to see it! Thanks for sharing your beautiful images at Mosaic MOnday. :)



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