Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Ghosts and goblins in the hood

Today, I took a walk in the neighborhood. 

I spied lots of spooky yards

They wait for Hallow's eve to descend upon them.

Won't you stroll along with me

And discover the characters of halloween.

(Click on any photo to enlarge)

Help, I've fallen and I can't get up!

And the pumpkin head that I said goodbye to at my yard sale.

We were very close, as I created him with my own two hands.

As you can see, he's part of the neighborhood watch.

Bye, bye.

I hope you enjoyed my tour

of ghosts and goblins,

and reapers and other scary things that go bump in the night.


  1. What a fun bunch of photos. You've put me in the mood for Halloween!

  2. These are cute and what a great neighborhood you live in!

  3. This spooky tour of your neighborhood was great and got me in the Halloween mood!
    (and ha..ha...about the "fallen and can't get up" scarecrow!)

  4. What a fun post! No one in my neighborhood has gotten into the Halloween spirit yet. Maybe this weekend...

  5. Fun idea. Would make a great My Town Shoot Out suggestion too. That would be fun.

  6. What wonderful decorations...goulishly delightful. I enjoyed the tour, have a great day.

  7. Great photo set! I'm always fascinated by what people do for Halloween.

  8. our neighborhood is all decked out, too....

    not our house though...we just aren't big halloween people..and really never have been....

    I have some pumpkins out and a fall wreath on my door.... and probably somewhere down around the corner, is a sign pointing towards our house with a note that reads...."boring people"

    BUT...I do give out good candy :)

  9. Oh fun!

    My all time favorite decoration is of the witch flying her broom, and she's crashed into a tree or telephone pole. It cracks me up every time I see it.

    Do you know the one?

    If I see any, you can bet that will make it to my photo blog!

  10. Glad I went along to that! I would have snatched up your pumpkin!
    Where's the candy corn??

  11. So cute that you found your own yard sale pumpkin! Thanks for the tour.

  12. Wow, nice Halloween decorations. Now, I just know you celebrate it too. Kids are just used to wear Halloween mask.

  13. I love these JarieLyn!! Very cute!!

  14. I should take a photo of my scary scarecrow. This time of year it scares more than crows but at least it's still standing.

  15. Great shots. I have thought of walking the neighborhood, but was afraid that it would creep out the neighbors. Did you get any reactions? I was inspired by your shots! I think I may try this.

  16. That's a very creative looking front yard, especially that part with Death against the wall. That's very spooky.



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