Saturday, October 10, 2009

I had a yard sale today

 Today the hubby and I had a yard sale.

Much to our surprise

People actually wanted what we put on display.

Believe me,

our junk was just that.


Most of our junk went for $1.00.

We had one big ticket item at $40.00

Another at $15.00

And another still at $10.00

And a few items at $5.00

We made $159.00 for about 6 hours of selling.

Not a bad haul for sitting in the front yard

watching our junk get hauled off.


On another note, if any of you read my prior post on five words

 you know that I offered to pass five words onto any blogger who

wanted to participate in this word game.

Sherri, who has a wonderful blog called

decided to participate.

I sent her a fresh batch of five words

and she wrote about how those five words apply to her life.

It was a joy to read her writings.

I encourage you to read what she wrote. 

It's quite interesting.

Oh, and she is a very talented artist.

She has gorgeous paintings

which I just discovered earlier today

even though I have visited her blog many times.

Her paintings speak to me.

Maybe they'll speak to you as well.

Thanks, everyone.  Have  a wonderful weekend!


  1. ooooh! Good job! I usually dump my junk at Salvation Army, and every time I do, I much could I have made?


    You are so sweet - yes that was my Sasha girl I posted over at FSO blog.

  2. Dance: I think of my parents when we lived in Venezuela, doing their weekly dancing with other expat Americans. I used to watch and wonder what it really was all about.

    Curiosity: for a Gemini, this is the burning question, always. What makes that person tick? What does that comment or idea really mean? What is your motive, guidance, compass?

    Karma: I'm not convinced it exists. We all free will. We are the script writers of our lives.

    Smile: do it a lot, daily, hourly. Norman Cousins cured himself of rheumatoid arthritis through laughter and IV infusions of vitamin C.

    Conservative: Politically, this word is loaded. It has become associated with hate mongers - rush, glenn beck, hannity, the jerks in congress who stall on health care because they say it's too expensive, but who don't blink to approve zillions for war. Any war. But in a spiritual sense, in a human sense, we are all just people, groping in the dark for answers.

  3. I love yard sales! Sometimes you can find some great things. What cha going to do with the money?? Buy a camera lens :)

  4. Woot on the yard sale! I am just glad my Cdub was not near by....he loves a yardsale!

  5. I haven't had a yard sale i nyears- I remember in the 90's I had one to get enough money for a perm! Laughing!

  6. $159 is a great reward for a "pile of junk"! I go through phases of sorting my stuff to sell on Trade Me and I'm always amazed at what sells first (and for how much), and the things I thought would be really popular are still limping along each week. One man's trash is ...

  7. Laughing at your comment!

    here is the original Forehead Butt Society link (laughing)



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