Tuesday, October 6, 2009

I'm What?

I hope you're feeling bubbly too.

At the very least,

may your day be filled with lots of smiles.

I've already smiled lots today.

Hubby woke up in a really good mood

and did his best to put me on the same page.

At four O'clock in the morning though,

it took me a little longer to crack my first smile.

My husband is funny though

and my "feeling like I had a hang-over" mood finally broke.

I made our morning smoothies and he was out the door by 4:40.

Early mornings and late nights are my favorite times of day.

I get to enjoy my alone time

and soak up all the fun and creativity that the blogosphere offers.

In addition to hubby making me smile this morning,

some of my favortie bloggers made me smile too.

posted a couple of really cute photos with a clever caption.

I think you'll smile too if you like simple pleasures.

I always smile when I visit Pauline at the Paddock.

There is a sweetness about her that I find endearing.

made me smile with her witty comments on her photos.

I hope you find a moment to click on the links to the blogs I mentioned.

I have many favorites however,

these are the three that made me smile early this morning.

Gigi, Heather, Jen, Hilary, Sandy, Rebecca, Rob & Trish....

you guys are in my top ten.

So,  now I'm off to harvest some crops in Farmville. 

You know what that means if you have a facebook account.

Yes, I finally became a farmer and I like it way too much.

I take it very seriously.

Have a nice day everyone

and I hope I didn't leave any of my top favorites out of the list.

Like I said,

I have a LOT of favorites

and I will feel awful if I forgot to mention you.


  1. I will pop off to visit the ones you have suggested - thanks! I am a late night person - early mornings don't mix, I'm afraid.

  2. Bubbly is good! :) Thanks so much for the mention. I'm off to click on your links. :)

  3. I refuse to get involved in those FB games and activities. JUst not my cup of tea, although I am sure I could easily waste much of my time there. Your post made me bubbly.

  4. Thanks Jarielyn...you know from your blog I sense that you are bubbly. You might not always feel it...but it's there!

  5. how sweet are you ?

    I'm so glad I made you smile this morning...it's the least I could do :)

    how was your farming ?

    my son was doing that the other night on facebook and I didn't really pay any attention....now I will so I can learn more !!

  6. Great pic - I love the way the bubbles fizz over the pebbles underneath. Oh, and I'm addicted to Farm Town and FarmVille too ...

  7. JarieLyn, if I can make one person a day smile, I'm more than happy but I don't think you need my help in that department. You seem a constantly positive, happy person to me.
    I'm more of a late night person, not at my best in the mornings. And I try to avoid all FB temptations, have enough blogging addictions already!!

  8. Well, I can't say that today was a bubbly day, but I am going to keep that image in mind when I turn in tonight, and make TOMORROW a day for bubbling over! Love that picture.

    (About snoring -my husband used to say that MY snoring woke him up, and I believed him and was very self conscious...till I spent a week sharing a hotel room with my two daughters and found out I don't snore. Seems DH was waking himself up!)

    Have a grand evening... Cass

  9. At 4 o'clock in the morning, I would be still in bed , sleeping!

  10. yikes 4 a.m? Of course, every Monday at that time I am in the car with Louis, headed to the airport.

    I hear a lot about Facebook, but I think I'll stick to blogging. LOL!


    This was a really sweet post.

  11. Hey Jarielyn,
    Thanks for stopping by and taking a tour of my Iwanna kitchens...lol. I love the way you commented telling me everything that you Iwanna. Wood floors are beautiful, hope you get them soon. As for being scared of putting color on the walls, remember...it's not permanent, it can be painted over. Of course all my walls are white, haha. But thats how I like them. Try some color and let me know when you do.

    Take care,
    Alicia in Bakersfield :-)

  12. Well you made me bubbly with this post, thank you very much.
    I'm on facebook but I don't do any farming :)



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