Thursday, October 29, 2009

Self Portrait or Self Indulgent

Since I'm the one behind the lens,

I don't really have a lot of pictures of myself.

Today, I decided to play around with my camera

using myself as the model.

Here are the results.

You may click on the photos to zoom in if you are so inclined.

Yep, there are some days when I feel really good.

Today is one of those days.

I don't feel like a 45 year old.


  1. And let me tell you, girl, you sure as hell don't look 45 either!!

  2. Well, it is probably because you don't look like one! Anyway, my favorite it the first. Excellent composition and it looks spontaneous. Glad you are having fun with your camera, I love photography.

  3. SO you don't LOOK like a 45 year old either...good grief I though you were a younger chick. You're doin' good girl! What's the secret? I'm 50 and look 60!!! (Maybe it's all the chocolate I eat. Hmmpf.)

    I like your idea with the mirror and angles and it did look like a fun time. I hate photographing myself.

  4. ooh lala!! you are very pretty and talented girl!!

  5. 45??? no way!
    I love all of these! You are just way too cool for yourself!

  6. JarieLyn - you're a pretty girl, aren't you?! This was fun! I kind of did this once, only I was sharing the goofiest (almost creepy) faces of myself - don't you dare go hunting for them. Yours are so much better to look at :)

    I wish I had those slender curves, rather than the...well, nevermind :)

    Definitely a fun post!!

  7. Oh...yes, I also like the way you've captured these and the angles of the camera. Great job!

  8. I see that you're having too much fun taking self portrait and just couldn't stop clicking! You look so young for your age.

  9. You'd make someone a great model. Wait a minute, you just did!

    That was a fun shoot.

  10. Oh now, you certainly don't look 45. And Bagman things you are gorgeous and look 19. But then again, at my age almost everyone looks 19.

  11. This is the cutest self portrait I've ever seen! How cleaver of you. You are so dang cute and one hot 45 year old!
    Happy Hallween <:)

  12. Ooh, I love the mirror! What a cool way to take self-portraits. You have a supermodel's knack for posing!

  13. Honestly, I thought you are just 30-something. The pics tell us how playful you are. :)

  14. 45?? I would have pegged you for 28! Omgosh girl you're cute as a bug! (A cute little lady bug, not a big hairy nasty bug :-)

    Love all the photos, the shy ones, the sexy ones, the playful ones! What a great way to do a self-portrait!



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