Thursday, May 31, 2012

An Hour In The Life of Me

Last night I downloaded a new photo app for my phone.
It's called FX Camera.

So today while I was getting another iron infusion I decided to try it out.

I waited until everyone finished their chemo treatments.
Then I snapped this shot of the empty recliners using the fish eye effect.

This is my hook-up.

In addition to iron, I also had to be hydrated.

I didn't even realize that I was dehydrated until the nurse told me I was.

My blood pressure when I first arrived was 97 over 46.

I've never had low blood pressure before.

After my iron infusion, it had gone up a bit,
 96 over 68.

Then the nurse checked it again after she gave me some hydration fluids and that brought it back up to 116 over 68.

I don't usually post about my health, but I was having fun today.

When I got home, I decided to take a few self portraits.

I'm kind of a ham like that.

This is just with my phone camera, no special effects or antything.

Now I'm using the FX Camera app, polaroid filter.

Here I am in the fish bowl.

The Andy Warhol effect.  I love my pose and the angle in this one.

If you look closely at my eyes, you can tell I'm tired.
They are red, and they burn.
I can actually feel the bags hanging.

I will be posting the FMTSO sometime tomorrow.
But it will probably be late.
I need to go and photograph something or dig in my archives.
I'd rather go exploring for new pics so If I"m late posting, you know why.


  1. What a cool little filter! That first picture with the chairs...I thought you were at a hair salon.

    I hope they got your blood pressure stabilized. Get some rest, sounds like you've had a rough day even though you did your best to add a little fun into it :)

  2. What super photos. Hope you're feeling less tired today. I like the Andy Warhol effect and the one where you wrote 'no special effects or anything' makes you look so wistful.

    Take care.

  3. You got a lot of great self-portraits out of that camera! I also like that angle shot. It amazes me how good phones are becoming for sharing our history. Sorry about your iron red meat and remember to drink lots of water out there in the desert. (Here we go again with Blogger and its difficult word verification images!

  4. I like the self portrait a lot. I NEVER that is NUNCA - take photos of myself. I suppose the is a form of self loathing.... so I should take some just to prove I can.... You have a GREAT figure - course you are a baby not just a babe. a nap with cold cucumber slices on the eyes will rest them and reduce the swelling.... your health is a part of you and should be mentioned in context of who you are....
    hugs from Rio. (your turn to pick a topic.)

  5. Look how thin you are. I am jealous. :)

  6. You look awesome girl!! Glad you made the most of your day.



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