Friday, May 25, 2012

FMTSO: Handmade in my town

Thank God it's Friday. It's been a hectic week and it's going to be a busy weekend as well.
This week's theme for the Friday My Town Shoot Out is to showcase something handmade in my town.  I wanted to go to Ethel M. Chocolate factory and get pictures of candy being made, but I didn't have time. I wracked my brain on where I could go. Once I decided, I drove myself down to Fremont Street where we have all the kiosks and street artists, etc. We have these artists who can write your name on a grain of rice.  I wasn't sure if they were still on Fremont street, but that was my main focus.  Unfortunately, they were no longer there.  So, the following pictures will show you what is handmade in my town.

This is an artist who creates wonderful paintings from spray paint.  He starts with a blank piece of photo paper and then chooses a paint color and sprays away.  He is moving extrememly fast.

A second colore is chosen and sprayed. It doesn't look like it's going to be beautiful at this point.

The Paint colors to choose from.

So far, the artist has only sprayed two colors; Blue and Red.  Now he uses cardboard as a tool to make lines in the area that has been sprayed so far.

The Artist in deep concentration.

People gather to watch this artist at work.

Adding more paint after creating his lines and few other details.
Again, he moves extremely fast.  It was really hard getting good clear photos.

Everything in the top half of the picture has been all freehand creation.
Now, the artist uses a stencil on the bottom half and sprays paint into this cylander to stay in the lines of the stencil.

Adding the finishing touches, a coat of gloss.

Ta Da!  The finished product. The three silhouettes and the flag in the bottom of the picture was created using the stencil.  All the rest was using just spray paint and cardboard as a tool.  This picture took approximately five to ten minutes to complete.  You can buy one of these paintings on the spot for $40.00.  I saw a lot of finished products being sold.  Each piece is completely different.

To see handmade items in other towns and countries check out the Town Shoot Out Page here.

Have a wonderful weekend everyone.  I've got camera club tonight and I've got a job to do at a Belly Dance event going on at Lake Las Vegas.  I'm already running late, so I will check in on everybody later tonight or sometime this weekend. 

  1. XOXO   JarieLyn


  1. Wow! I love the creative mind behind this! I hope he made some bucks out there!

  2. lucky, lucky find. I love street artists. course I have only seen Brasil and Italy and mostly watercolors, never spray paint. except of couse the new grafitti art. also astounding.
    have a great week.

  3. So is the job at the Belly Dance Event going to be belly dancing itself!?!

    If you get to ethel M Chocolate or find the rice grain writer you must blog them for us, please.

    Have a good weekend yourself,

  4. Wow, this street artist does move really fast. You did a great job capturing his work in action and the close-up shot of the artist is very nice, too. Thanks for sharing :)

  5. Great, JarieLyn. I love the 6th, 7th and 8th of his hands, so well captured! Thanks for finding and sharing him.

  6. Very creative -- wonder if he does graffiti on the side? He's certainly well equipped with supplies.

  7. I can't believe the rice guy is gone. Those were so cool to look at! I should have bought one while I had the chance.

    I've seen this spray can painter Artist. He is really good and you're right, he does them so fast. I am just so amazed by the talent of so many people. I'm glad that he's able to sell them and make a living that way.

    Very interesting post JarieLyn!

  8. The rice guy would be a challenging macro shot. But i think you found a wonderful back-up. Fascinating to watch these talented people in action and although I love to see the hands interacting with the work, the concentration in the close-up of the man's face is great. Pure concentration...well...maybe a small part of his mind was listening to whatever was coming through the ear buds.

  9. What a terrific find! An unusual least for me.



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