Monday, May 21, 2012

Last Night's Eclipse

Last night, my husband Justin, myself and my friend Deyanira drove out to Pahranagat National Wildlife Refuge to meet up with more people from the Nevada Camera Club to socialize and take photos of the elipse.  We brought our dog, Sasha with us because she can't be left alone for too long due to health problems caused by her age.  As soon as we arrived and unloaded the truck, including my dog, she was walking down the path like a spring chicken. As slow as she is when  walking, and as little balance as she has left, she spotted the water from above, jumped down the hill, got stuck in the brush for a moment and literally practically ran into the water.  She kept going farther and farther out, and I finally had to go in and retrieve her. She and I both were a muddy mess when we came out but it was worth it to make her happy once again. Poor thing gets depressed staying home all the time.

This is my camera all set up and ready to click into action when the eclipse arrives.  Attached is the homemade, awesome filter that Ed Stiglitz and Linda Heckendorf made for everyone who came out to photograph the eclipse.  They also supplied solar eclipse glasses for everyone so they could view the eclipse and they supplied food as well. Ed made the most awesome and tasty chicken salad. He had all kinds of stuff in it and it really was good. Ed is probably one of the most generous people I know.  He is always doing things for people in the club and sharing his equipment, etc.  He's one of the truly good ones. He organized this entire even and I must say, that he did a fabulous job. And he is also a lot of fun to be around.

This is Ed.

This is Linda Heckendorf and Jerome Hamilton.
Linda is Ed's partner and she is a real sweetie and Jerome is a cutie.

Somebody's cameras set up by the water, but I don't know who picked this spot.
All I know is that it wasn't me.  They had prime location though, don't you think?

Here's Gayla.  We're gonna have to get her back into the Friday Town Shoot Outs.

This is Gayla's husband Shawn.  He's not into the whole photography thing but he came to support his wife's hobby.  He also came prepared and tuned everyone out by reading his book.
We are all glad he came because it's very rare for him to come to camera club events.

This is Jerome's son, Josh.  He told me to stop taking pictures of him.
I was having fun teasing him and I think he was enjoying it too.
The woman in the background is Laurie.

This is my husband, Justin looking through the viewfinder of his camera.
I didn't even realize that he was sticking his tongue out.
But I should have known.  That's his personality. 
He likes to have fun and be goofy.

My friend, Deyanira.  She and I hang out a lot.

Anne Carter in the red shirt and I don't know the names of the other two guys,
but the one guy with the telescope is the son of another camera club member.
He was generously offering us to look into his viewfinder and see the sunspots, etc. through his telescope which looks quite different than we see it.

There were lots of people who came out.
Of course, if you don't know who this is, then you don't know me.
Haha. Not the greatest pic but it is what it is.

People and empty chairs everywhere.

A dorky pic

This picture doesn't showcase how muddy she actually was.
She had mud on her belly and everywhere.
My sweet dog!

I know you all are anxious to see my eclipse.
I promise I really did get a photo of it.

Were any of you able to see the eclipse last night?
How far did you have to drive?
Did you take pictures?
Gather with friends?
Or was it no big deal?

Well, quite honestly I didn't even know about it until the night before.
That's how out of the loop I am.
I just got lucky enough to get an invite.
So I jumped on the opportunity.
I got out of the house, mingled, and had a blast.

Total Eclipse. Just how I took it in the camera, except for the text I added.
I was worried that it was going to come out really blurry, etc. but I am happy with my photo.

The eclipse is almost over in this photo.
 It was quite a sight to see, especially through the glasses.

We gathered and socialized for a bit afterward and then I snapped a couple more photos.

The sun going down.

I like how it has the red sunflares, which I couldn't see with the naked eye.

A little different view.

The long line of traffic on I-15 going home.
Luckily we by-passed all the traffic by driving down the frontage road.

It was a great night.


  1. wow, what a fun way to watch the eclipse!

  2. Sounds like a wonderful evening for like minded photographers. What a great group!!

  3. great experience, I am pretty sure that this was a northern hemisphere thing, if it happened here I didn't have a clue. I would have loved to join your group. I have a couple friends here that talk about photography but if I say lets meet and take pictures there is never a response. probably intemidated - ;)
    great shots before and after. you've really improved.

  4. I am glad you had a good time. What did they use to make the filters. That was an interesting idea. I am jealous of you people out west, the eclipse was not visible here on the east coast. GLad you snapped some great shots!

  5. Hi JasarieLyn, somehow I manasged to drop out of your followers list and was only seeing your FMTSO posts. I'm back!

    Sounds like you had a great time. It wasn't visible over here in the UK and the one some years ago was cloudy (well, this is the UK!). Your photos of the eclispse itself are great. So wonderful a thing to get to see and photograph. Well done Ed for organising it.

    Justin sticking his tongue out reminded me of my Mum - but she did it unconsciously. She used to stick her tongue out when concentrating. You should have seen her throwing darts at a dart board and sticking her tongue out.

  6. Sounds like you had a wonderful evening. I didn't even hear about the eclipse until it was over :(
    It sure is hard to watch our furry friends get old. Sasha is still beautiful....even when muddy.



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