Sunday, January 23, 2011

The Best Little Whorehouse NOT in Texas......

Yesterday, I drove to Pahrump to visit with my good friend Gail.
We were both in need of an adventure so we decided to have lunch at one of the brothels in town.
The sign above claims to be the best little whorehouse in the west.

We didn't follow the signs to the Chicken Ranch even though they claim to be the best in the west.

Ha Ha!


We went right next door to Sheri's Ranch Brothel.

Ladies are always welcomed.

We ate lunch inside the sports bar and I had a french dip sandwich and Gail had a grilled cheese sandwich with tomato soup.  The food wasn't bad at all and the prices were decent.
The decor was like any other sports bar; sports memorabilia hanging on the walls,
TV suspended for your viewing pleasure, and pool table in the back of the room.
The only noticable difference was a curtain behind the pool table separating the bar from the parlor.

Unfortunately, we weren't allowed to take pictures inside, however, we were allowed to take a tour of the brothel.
We were guided by one of the working girls, Althena, who was clad in five inch heels, lingerie, and a sheer nylon robe for some coverage. 
She had dark hair, dark eyes and olive skin and she spoke with an accent.
She told us she was half greek and half dutch but she was from Los Angeles.

The first room she showed us was very small and the only thing in the room was a round table covered in white cloth, two chairs, place settings. It was like a fancy restaurant with fine dining for two.
Since the girls aren't allowed to leave the premises, this is where the customer would take her out to dinner on a date where they can order any kind of food and drinks.
Also, any kind of sexual act can happen here as well.
She was specific but since this is a clean blog I will let you all just imagine.

The next two rooms she showed us were jacuzzi rooms with a private bathroom.
One of those rooms was a budweiser sponsored room so everything in there was budweiser.
It was kind of cool actually.
The customer can relax in the jacuzzi with the working girl, have a glass of wine or beer and get comfortable.
Sex isn't allowed in the jacuzzi for sanitary reasons (even though they are required to wear profilactics)
But again, anything can happen.

Next, we were shown the bubble bath room which is kind of like the jacuzzi room except that instead of an actual jacuzzi there is a whilpool bath tub.  Attached to the ceiling is a machine that makes bubbles that float all around the room.
Sex is allowed in this bathtub because it is sanitized and cleaned after each use.

During our tour, we asked Althena all kinds of questions.  
  She was very forthcoming with her answers.  Can you believe she used to be a flight attendant?
We wanted to know the strangest request she's ever received, how many customers she's serviced in one day, how long has she been a working girl, what kind of things will she refuse to do, etc.
It was quite interesting.

We got to see the bondage room which was equipped with all kinds of contraptions for whipping and handcuffing, caging, etc.  It was all very intriguing and dark.  They even had a stripper's pole in this room.

We weren't allowed to see the bedrooms but we were allowed to see the grounds which had a large swimming pool.  Also out back were private cottages that cost $4,000.00 per night for clients who want the girlfriend experience.  The parlor lobby had dark colored harwood floors, very nice furniture and everything was so clearn and pretty.  It was kind of surprising, really.
This is also where the main menu for services is posted.
It's a poster size laminated menu sitting on a large easel.

I didn't notice any prices but I did notice the first thing listed was:
Straight Lay.

I really wish I could have taken pictures of it.

It sure makes you think though.
You might want to try new things with your husband or boyfriend, otherwise, they might just take a drive to a brothel and get everything they need there.
You'd never know it.

After we left the brothel, I spotted this tractor and thought it was the perfect photo op.
Here's Gail, the 70 something hot mama and very good friend.
She's fun and wild and I love her to death.

Here I am striking my best pose.

Gail wanted to make one more stop before returning to her house.
She directed me to the beautiful golf course where we took some more photos.

Oh, did I forget to mention that Gail told Althena that I was a photographer and that I may get a gig out at the brothel photographing the girls for their internet ads?

How cool would that be?

I've already created a business name and I've been working on a logo for awhile now.
I created one that I liked a couple of week's ago and then I didn't like it anymore so I went back to the drawing board.  But I promise I will let you all know when I have finished creating it. 
I want it to be just right.
I will also get my fictitious business name and a business license before letting the world know my DBA (doing business as) name.

Thanks for taking the time to read my post.


  1. you were not afraid of being kidnapped and sold to work in the brothels? LOL

  2. I will be quite honest with you. Not a prude, but have real distaste for this whole industry. Says a lot about how sad and lonely we are as a species. The fact that the "girls" cannot leave the premises leaves me with loads of misgivings! And not sure what you mean by the "girlfriend" experience as that is not what it seems. While I do not think that buying sex is a terrible bad an "industry" it is not transparent enough to ease my mind.

  3. Dang! I am disappointed you could not take pictures inside, I really would have like to seen those. Sounds like a fun day and educational too...LOL

  4. Gosh, I didn't know they were so open out there! Here I thought it was a touristy thing from the past! We had a secret brothel near a train station and it was raided and shut down. You certainly couldn't go have a casual lunch at one. My, my how things are different between the two states.

    I agree with Tabor about not being allowed to leave. Does that mean Althena never gets to go out? It is a little scary.

    But I am so excited about your business prospects. Can't wait to get all the scoop on that.

  5. Sounds like you had a great adventure! Good for you! How fun.

  6. Wow, girl, you go!! How exciting, your very own biz! And such a fun adventure with your friend. Great photos, I'm sure you'll do awesome with your new business. (and thanks for your encouraging words on mine!!!!!)

  7. Loved this post....even though it's not in TEXAS, It is one of the far as I could tell from your photos and view...not from experience, and not that I've ever been to the one in Texas....just saw the movie! Seems you had a perfect opportunity to work this into this weeks FSO Letter F. Just sayin'!!! LOL!!!...Sue

  8. Great post JarieLyn...very informative. I knew prostitution was legal in Nevada but it never dawned on me that there would be actual whorehouses or chicken ranches. I don't know where I thought these prostitutes were conducting business. It would have been great to get pictures. I would have loved to see them.

    What a great friend in Gail! She looks like a fun lady. I can't wait to hear more about your new business. You go girl!

  9. Well this post about made my eyes pop outta my head!! Holy shit. The real thing. A former flight attendant in 5 inch heels showing you around? wow. Sleazy and fascinating all at once. Gail looks awesome. Nevada, in regulating prostitution, has probably made it a healthier business than in other states. Keep us posted on your business opportunity.

  10. Just found your blog, and what an introduction! Great blog! Look forward to reading more.

  11. Hello JarieLyn,

    Wow! What an absolutely marvelous series of photographs. Thanks so very much for posting them and bringing pleasure to my eyes.

    Nevada Camera Club Web Administrator



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