Friday, January 14, 2011

FMTSO: Weird Things

I'm not sure if these are inch worms or what but I discovered this while on a trip with my camera club.
The wierd thing about this is that as your're driving down the road you see all these scraggly bushes covered in these white webs, which automatically you think are spider webs, that is until you get up close and can see they are some sort of cocoon or nesting area for these worms.  There were thousands and thousands of these for miles.  I thought it was wierd because I'd never seen anything like it before.

I love old cars but I thought this bus was wierd because it looks like it has a scary face, almost like teeth growling.

One thing about Las Vegas is that it has a lot of unique places to go, one of those being the Pinball Hall of Fame.  Justin and I went on Monday so that I could take photos for this shoot.  It was my first time inside the building and I transformed into a kid again.  It was so much fun playing old school pinball and I saw a lot of unsual games from the 1950's and 60's. 

This isn't really wierd but it is probably not known in today's arcades.

More baseball games!

I think I actually played this when I was a kid.

Another game I've never seen before.

This is Peppy the Clown.

Liberace Wall

I like this wierd angle.


  1. They are Weird WebWorms! Really! We have them here in Texas and they can be quite destructive to trees and bushes. I wonder if Liberace thought it was Wierd to have a Wall Hall of Fame! Great job on the Weirdness of LasWeirGas!

  2. Oh that last photo is my absolute favorite. Cannot stop looking at it and studying the angles, the music, your pose!!

  3. Hey! No place like Vegas for "weird things" that's for sure! Sorry I haven't been reading lately, it has taken me a long time to get my poop in a group again. I finally feel like I am up and running so expect to see me around more, oh and blogging much more again too.

  4. Wierd things make for great photos! I like the bus and really like the last shot!

  5. That first shot is so weird, I love it!

  6. Love that last shot. Could have done without the tent caterpillars though.. ugh!

  7. Ackkkkkk...the clown scares me...wonderful shootout!! Sarah:)

  8. I remembered playing with the pinball the same as the 7th picture, as a kid. Can't find them anymore now. Those weird worms- all I can think of is the destruction they cause to the trees, since they are in a big number.

  9. My TV seldom play Liberace's diamond studded fingers playing the piano. Really like his music.

    Do they play a recording of his music too?

  10. Great series of snapshots. And those worms....

  11. you found a lot of weird from your town. here in Michigan we have those fuzzy caterpillars every Spring. but for the life of me I cannot remember what they are called. as soon as I hit "post comment" I will remember. lol

  12. Very destructive caterpillars! But your other photos are fun and interesting.

  13. Oh man!! That Pinball Hall Of Fame and the Liberace wall are making me want to travel out to Vegas right now!!!



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