Friday, February 4, 2011

FMTSO: Collections

I love the Friday My Town Shoot Outs.  Each week's themes motivate me to keep on shooting.  This week is all about collections.  The goal is to showcase things that we (I) collect.  This really is an easy one for me because I do have a couple of collections that I am very passionate about.  Oh and at the end of this post I'm going to sneak in a photo from last week's theme, the letter "F" since I missed it due to an emotional week regarding my dog.  Maybe more on that later but for now life is good again.

I consider myself a letter writer.  I love writing letters, sending post cards, etc.
Because I love it so much, I am also very passionate about collecting vintage post cards, old letters, diaries, photos, etc of people I've never met.  It is fascinating to read about their lives and about what was going on in society at the time the letters were written.  It is a much better history lesson than what's inside text book.
These are real people leaving their imprint for future generations to discover.
We get to learn about what life was really like from the individual's perspective.

Normally, I only buy vintage postcards that are already postmarked and written on, however,
if I really, really like one that hasn't been used then I will splurge but not often.  I prefer the ones that have some personal history on them, the handwriting, the news, etc.

This is a teenager's diary from 1921.
I love the simplicity of her writing.

The following is one of my favorite entries in the diary.  It reads:
July 15-  Walked to row with Marie in P. M. and found out some interesting news.  Carl has written to her.  She said he wrote a real lovefied letter.  The old scamp.  I'm sure glad I don't think anything of him.  I've learned a lesson too.  Don't put any dependence in what a boy says.  Gee, I'm glad I'm old and experienced so that I can advise other poor innocent girls to never love a masher.  Ha Ha.  He told Marie that mamma wouldn't allow me to go with the boys and he didn't see why cause I was just crazy over the boys.  He said I got a letter from a boy once and mamma just reared.   My but he's well posted on my affairs.  Let's forget it.

Isn' that just the cutest thing you've ever read?  I was always crazy for the boys too.  Haha.


This is a leather photo album I bought at an antique store.
You can tell that the people in the photos are quite wealthy.
They are fascinating to me.  Once I acutally tried to find records on the woman who used to own this book.

The girl who owned this photo album is pictured in the group photo on the right.
She is the third person from the left.  I have studied the pictures intently imagining who these people were.
They must have been someone well known in their community.

Fascinating travel photos.

I also collect piggy banks, money jars, and alumunum banks.

The money banks pictured above have funny sayings all around the can.

I've posted about these money jars before.

I collect coins I find on the ground.  I'm not embarrassed to pick up a penny.  One man's trash is another man's treasure.

Every coin or dollar bill I find on the street, in the dirt, in parking lots, etc goes into this jar.

Not bad for being observant.  This is money that people throw away or lose. 
Every time I pick up a coin I always say out loud,  "I'm a money magnet" in hopes of attracting more.

So not only do I collect found money and money banks I also collect.......

I collect and save all my fifty cent pieces.

I save and collect gold and silver dollars

State Quarters.

That's about the end of my collection. 
I used to collect hearts but I kind of got out of that. 

If you'd like to see more collections please detour here 

Now...... For the letter F.

I only have one photo to display and I'm sure you will like it.

Fondue, the chocolate kind.

I hope you don't have a sweet tooth.


  1. JarieLyn...Girl, I love the thoughtfulness behind your postcard, diary and letter collections! Truly, to appreciate the personal writings of others is very special. I loved the diary entry and it's "never love a masher" phrase!

    And what a Perfect thing to Collect in Las Vegas....Found Money and Money Jars! Terrific Post and ShootOut! I'm so glad you joined in for my Theme! I did miss you last week for the Letter F....glad to hear all's okay!

  2. so we have something in common. (vintage postcards) you are so caring and thoughtful of the writings and photos you have collected. I never would have thought of that for a collection. I love her diary entry you posted.

  3. Post cards are great, I kept some PC my dad sent to my children. It is so sentimental.

  4. I usually just spend any coin I found....cannot have too many coins in my wallet, they can be quiet heavy! kekekekeke

  5. I absolutely love that diary entry. So much character in her writing. Your collectibles are wonderful. And that chocolate made me drool!

  6. I just love the idea of collecting the personal writings of others. Thanks for typing out that diary entry - it's a classic!

    Love that leather photo album!

    Your collections are quite unique!

  7. good morning from Brasil. your collection / hobby of letters and diaries is really interesting. But your photos of same are really good. I didn't have a clue of how to photo my cups so that you could see how beautiful they are. I love the piggy banks. If I were to have the space and the money I would collect cookie jars....
    have a great week.

  8. I don't collect a thing so I found this very interesting. Please let us in on how Sasha is doing.

  9. I really love the differant money jars and your postcards are fun too. Their all good!

  10. Love the diary entry. I love reading old diaries too. It is sooooo interesting.

  11. What fabulous artifacts you have in your collections!
    Especially the postcards(I collect them, too, AND also still send and receive letters). I often feel sad about old photos left for sale in thrift and junk shops, feeling that they SHOULD be in the posession of family and/or friends of the people in those photos. But, at least you are appreciative of them, and I think they have ended up in good hands.
    Love the passage you shared from the diary("lovefied"!) and the photo album is amazing! For Christmas, I put together a photo album/scrapbook of photos my husband had in a box, of beloved his grandmother who was a Rockette and traveled to Hollywood in the 30's and 40's, and your entry inspired me to think of featuring it on my blog soon.
    Sorry for the long comment.



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