Thursday, January 13, 2011

I've been sucked in by technology

As much as I fought it, the generation of texting is now a part of my daily communications.
In a lot of ways it's good because you can keep things short and to the point and you don't have to get stuck listening to someone who jabbers on about nothing.

I'm a slow text-er.
It's nothing like typing on a computer.
I have a phone where I can handwrite all my text messages and I really like it.
It's still not as fast as typing on a computer but it sure beats the heck out of trying to learn all the commands of the cell phone.  You have to be really careful though to form your letters perfectly so that the phone understands how to translate it.  It can be a little frustrating at times.  I wish I could just send my own handwriting through the phone to make it more personalized.

As soon as the finger lifts off the screen the letter is translated.
It was very difficult to try to demonstate and take a picture at the same time because I am not left handed.
It was easier to demonstrate with my left hand than to click the camera with my left hand.

The following are examples of the kind of text messages I send

This was a message to Gayla regarding the wedding we shot.
I was letting her know that I would come by and drop off the CD that contained the photos I took.

Most all of my neighbors are really nice except for the old lady who lives next door. She is a bitter unhappy woman and she nit-picks at everything.  She is the neighborhood spy.  Her husband and grandson are nice though.  Anyway, she saw me one day coming back from walking my dog and she asked me when my husband was going to cut down the tree in our front yard.  I told her he said he would TRIM it real soon.
She couldn't leave it at that. She got real pissy with me and we had quite a few words.  It's a long story and I won't tell you what all was said, but by the time I came into the house I was literally shaking because she enraged me so.  I rarely ever get to that point because I'm nice and polite and I don't take things personally.
But she really pushed my buttons.
So I came into the house and sent this text message to my husband giving him a heads up of what to expect when he got home.

Responding to a text my mom had sent me.
They came up to Las Vegas one weekend and before they got here they had a blow out and had to stay overnight in Barstow.  Then right when they got into vegas they had another blow out on the freeway.  Justin and I went to help them and we were all just sitting in the motorhome waiting for the  tire to get repaired which was an ordeal because of the way it happened, the tire couldn't just be changed.
Anyway, it was an all day event and we ended up going to dinner with my parents.
It was late by the time we ate and then the next day when they left they had another blow out on their way home.  They didn't get to enjoy their get away at all.

I was feeling really lonely and sad this day and I was missing all of my old friends from California.
I was restless and wanted somebody to do something with and the the two friends I have in Vegas and my husband didn't want to do anything.  This was one of those rare update status I posted on facebook via my cell phone. I was feeling sorry for myself and I just wanted to be around someone with high energy and to have fun becuase my mind wasn't in a good place.  I drove around alone crying.

A good night.  Gayla and I had VIP press passes and we got to be down in the pit photographing the game.

By now you're probably wondering why I am posting my messages. 
There is a point to all this I promise you but you'll have to wait until the end.

Following are some of the text messages sent to me:

An ongoing situation in my family but I won't air the dirty laundry.
 My sister-in-law was asking me to please pray for my brother.

From Gayla. Quick and to the point and yes, I did help out at Toys for Tots. 
It was a great experience.

In December I helped out in a friend's business while he was away on a cruise with his wife.
He was letting me know that he sent me some forms for returning criminal and civil results from the courts.

Ah, from my friend and endermologist, Shelley. 
Every Sunday I go in at 1:00 pm for my treatments except when something comes up, like on this day.

From the president of Nevada Camera Club.
He wanted to talk to me about taking the position of Public Relations, which by the way,
I accepted.  I am looking forward to a new challenge this year.

This is from my sister-in-law up in Oregon.
We were planning a Christmas Surprise for my mother-in-law and she was updating me on the status.

From one of my very best friends from high school just touching base.

The above are just quick little messages that get a point across.
It's a good thing but also it can be a bad thing.

Text messaging is a way to connect without really connecting. 
You don't really have to put a lot of effort into communicating, etc.

For me, there are times when I really want to connect with someone, to look into their eyes,
hear their tone of voice, hear the inflection of their words, see their facial expressions, watch their body language, decipher what they are really conveying.
You can't have this kind of intimacy through a cell phone or email and I'm not even sure that the younger generation knows how to really connect intimately with anyone.
Isn't that what real relationships are all about?

We live in a world where everything is so fake, including our relationships and to me that is pathetic.


  1. So long to the social butterflies! Sorry about the old lady next door. I really hate it when someone gets to me like that! But that is really a cool phone you have there. I havent moved up to that level of hi-tec yet! But I so have the virtual ((hug))down pat!

  2. At least these are clear to read. I have a very old fashioned cell phone...the razor...remember those? I got is free and now cannot let it go. I once texted for about ten minutes to someone I thought was my son and he thought I was his mom...then we both realized we were not talking to the person we thought we were...that is the danger of texting!!!

  3. I love texting. But even more, I love your phone and the idea of being able to do this without a keypad!

  4. I text a lot too. But I use a texting phone. I like the keypad. Congrats on public relations coordinator!



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