Monday, January 3, 2011

Snow in Las Vegas

Today, it snowed in Las Vegas.

The snow came down in flurries in my front yard this morning.

But as soon as it landed it melted away.

So I called Gayla on the phone and asked her if she wanted to come with me to scout out good snow before it was all gone.
Of course, she agreed so I picked her up and then we drove all around looking for snow.

As you can see from the photo above, we found plenty of it in Red Rock Canyon.

Can you tell I'm elated?


  1. Can I just tell you how incredibly unfair this is as we have not yet had a proper snowfall in Kansas this season? I think the end of the world is coming as the weather has been behaving oddly :)

  2. Snow is so much fun. Glad you had a little adventure.

  3. I saw snow on the palm trees out there on the news tonight. Amazing!

  4. Boy this brings back memories of my life on the Colorado plains.

  5. Oops, I wrote a comment and think I exited before it if you get two just ignore one of

    I heard that it snowed. How cool is that? You do look very elated and I would be too if it snowed here in Bakersfield.



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