Saturday, January 8, 2011

FMTSO: Macro Shots of Your Town

Wow, it's that time again and I'm late.  What makes it worse is that this is the subject that was chosen by me for this week's theme.  Here is my member voice for the Friday My Town Shoot Out.  Macro shots aren't just for flowers and bugs. How about capturing the details of your town by getting up close and personal with the architecture that makes up the buildings in your town. It could be anything from a doorknob to a window display. Whatever you find interesting enough to get a closer look and to capture with your camera's eye. It will be lots of fun to get a zoomed in perspective of your town.

This isn't exactly the best macro shot but it shows the price of gas on the day it snowed in Las Vegas,
January 3, 2011.

Instead of grassy areas at the gas stations we have decorative rocky areas.

I had so much fun watching the snow fall and then later when it stopped,
capturing it with my camera.

After snapping a few shots of snow from the gas station,
Gayla and I went and had lunch at Islands Restaurant.

This is a snow covered lamp just outside the restaurant.  The snow is already melting away.

Inside, Gayla has a hot bowl of tortilla soup.  I had a BLT and it was super delicious.
That soup looks pretty yummy too.

I couldn't resist taking a photo of the pepper.

This light was just above our table. 
Lamps, lights and chandeliers are one of my favorite things to photograph.

Although this isn't a macro shot, I wanted to showcase just how much snow we got in Las Vegas and surrounding areas.  After lunch, we drove through Red Rock and then on up to Spring Mountain.
Spring Mountain is just about twenty minutes from where we had lunch.
Isn't is beautiful.  It was also really foggy where this photo was taken.

See the fog and snow in the background?

This isn't exactly a macro shot either, but I wanted to show what it looked like from inside the car.
I was driving and I set my camera on my steering wheel and just clicked without a specific target.
My steering wheel was my tri-pod and the eyes for the camera.  This is coming back down the hill
from Spring Mountain.  The fog is much less dense coming this direction.

In town.  Northwest Las Vegas.
This was taken before we got to the gas station.

This is taken directly across the street from my house.
Unfortunately, it was also trash day.
Sasha, my dog is across the street in the snow.

Here she is back in her own yard, barely inside the garage.
Look at the snow on her fur. 

Red Rock.

That's it for this shoot out.

I hope you will CLICK HERE to see some wonderful macro shots on other blogs.


  1. DID get quite a lot of snow!!
    I loved the close up of the pepper shaker, and your gas prices are better than out's here.

  2. My gosh you got a ton of snow; isn't that pretty unusual for LV? Snow on the rocks is beautiful! Red Rock looks more like White Rock to me.

  3. How fun that we thought to do the same day. I like all your pictures!

  4. Wow, the view there is so gorgeous! I thought LV don't get snow? love all your macro shots.

  5. snow in Vegas, must have been fun for you all. and a real treat! your steering wheel did really good at taking shots. I like the pepper shaker as well.

  6. Wonderful shots - and a different view of Las Vegas from the Strip that most of us have seen!

    I love tortilla soup....

  7. I wish I had come by for an inspiration last week - this angle would have worked for me, I had shots, then didn't post. bad attitude is all. need someone to inspire around wednesday - maybe inspire isn't the right word.... 'get off your assss.....' is more like it.

  8. I like that light fixture. It has character. Nice set of snowy shots!

  9. Oh some fine shots in there. Thank you for the tour.. and especially for lunch! ;)



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