Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Alone but not lonely

I'm posting this picture of my favorite city, Nashville because it is representative of country music.
Today, I went to the movies and saw Country Strong.
The movie was really good and I thoroughly enjoyed getting out of the house.
I went to the show alone because well let's face it, I don't have anyone to hang out with during the day.
But I'm not complaining. 
I'm kind of a loner anyway.
I do like social settings and being around people but I don't get bored too easily.
I rather enjoy my own company and lots of things hold my interest.
I've only been to the movies alone one other time in my life and I didn't plan it that way but I got stood up.
Man, was I disappointed.
I really liked this guy and I was expecting him to meet me at the movies but I guess he didn't like me as much as I liked him.
I didn't want to go inside by myself that day but I really didn't have anything else to do so I forced myself to go in and see the movie anyway.
I made it trhough but I was very uncomfortable and disappointed and a little embarrassed.
Today though, was completely different from all those years ago.
Today I was a woman who didn't need a partner to sit with inside a movie theatre.
No, I've matured since then and now I am empowered by my own independence and it feels great.


  1. I have gone to the movies once by myself. it is different, but I have noticed that at matinees or early shows there are many singles, men and women. how did you get that shot? airplane?

  2. Wow! That's great! I have never been to the movies by myself. I wish I could of gone with you.

  3. HOlding up the flag of independence. It will serve you well throughout your life.

  4. Isn't that fierce independent feeling awesome?!! When I lived in Ohio, I went to the moves many, many times by myself and then treated myself to mexican on a patio at a local restaurant in between the lunch and dinner hours on a Sunday. It was my fav thing to do for ME. I'd take a fav book and read while I had a margie and my favorite mexican foods.

    I think it's the best way to treat ourselves to some ME time. :-) Good for you!!!

    (Love the new look of your blog, and the newer piccies of you - you look fab!)

  5. I started to comment on this post last night and then American Idol started and you know me and my love of American

    But what I was gonna say is that I love being alone too! I enjoy the company of me. I've always got something to do or think about or read so I'm never bored.

    I love that you went to go see a movie by yourself. I've not done that yet, I still have trouble eating alone in a restaurant, but I'm working on it.

  6. After being "with" TJ for 16 years I am now finding my independence again. I have to say, that I really like it...yes, I miss TJ, but I do enjoy doing things by myself and living on "my" time schedule.



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