Monday, January 17, 2011

Beautiful, Wild and Free

Today couldn't have been a more perfect day.
The weather gifted us with temperatures in the 70's, beckoning us to come out and play.
Justin, Sasha and I were happy to take a drive and bask in the change of scenery that lay ahead.
We decided to take a drive up to Indian Springs where we knew the wild horses roamed.
We've been to this area many times before but we have never been lucky enough to glimpse the beauty of the wild horses until today.
Yes, today was our lucky day.

It was an amazing sight to see and I was in awe.
Of course,  it wasn't anything like what you see in the movies where the wild horses are running as fast as they can, their manes flowing backward against the wind, muscles bulging powerfully as their legs carry them at full speed. 
No, it wasn't quite that dramatic but still, it was awesome.

The horses are travelling to a higher level where there's a creek.
It was fascinating to watch them because even though they weren't running,
it was amazing to see how quickly they get from one area to another.

This little baby horse was a fiesty one.  He was very curious about Sasha.
I think he mistook her for a coyote or something because at one point the baby made a movement as if he was going to stomp his feet on her.
The little white baby in the background never took his eyes off of me.

We were able to get pretty close to the horses.
Apparently, someone has been dropping hay off for them to eat and so even though they were a little sketchy around us, they still didn't run away.

I edited this photo and I really love it.
This is on higher ground where there's a creek and a spring.

Here's your sign!
Just in case you were wondering where we were today.

I hope you enjoyed the beautiful, wild and free horses that I captured for you today.


  1. Wow.. what absolutely gorgeous horses. So amazing that they let you get that close to them. Beautiful shots one and all.

  2. This is just what I needed JarieLyn! To see beautiful blue skies and sunshine. It's been so gray and gloomy here in Kern County, just awful. We're all dying for just a glimpse of the sun and you my, look how lucky you were to spend the day in such a gorgeous place.

    And those horses...amazing. How beautiful nature is. I love the photo that you edited, it looks like a beautiful painting. I enjoyed this...I needed this...I loved this...

  3. Nice subject for photos and nice that they lingered so that you could get some close shots. I'll be you are so happy. I like the photoshopped version as well.

  4. Wonderful! How liberating it is to see free horses.

  5. Luv, luv, luv the horse pics! Imagine Although, I am such a dork sometimes, I stared and stared at the photo you edited (without reading underneath it of course) and saying to myself, "why does this look like a painting?!" Doh!!

  6. Oh My Gosh, it was your lucky day! Such beautiful weather and amazing horses. I could only wish...

  7. What a thrilling experience . . . and great opportunity to build memories. (And yes -- the encaustic process of painting with wax has been used for centuries).

  8. I want to go, they look Beautiful. How fun!

  9. My goodness, what a great photo op! Really nice.

  10. Wow. Words cannot adequately convey how beautiful your photos are ~ how blessed you guys were to have such a special day.



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