Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Where Does Inspiration Come From?

I sat here after my husband went to bed, my mind abuzz with many thoughts. I thought about what inspires me most and I couldn't come up with one solid piece of inspiration because I am inspired by everything. A walk in the park, the smell of fresh cut grass, a friend's kind words, a stranger's smile, a good book, music, dancing....these are the things and places that inspire me to be grateful, to be a better person, to learn and grow, to feel joyful, to write and to appreciate who I am.

I wanted to know where inspiration comes from. What inspires other people to express who they are? In my web browser, I typed in the words, inspired by everything. I was curious as to what would pop up and whether it would relate to my subject matter. It was amazing to see all the different things that came up. It was quite interesting.

Inspired by everything, defined by nothing was at the top of the list in my results. It was a display name belonging to a Myspace music page. Then there were the usual, not so surprising results, inspired by everything fashion, inspired by education, inspired by God, and then there was my most interesting find which I was delighted to stumble across. It was a little website called story people. A true gem of a website. Click

I happened upon a section called Chat Chat Chat and that is where I read a woman's story, which she titled, Inspired by..... It was an honest expression of her gratitude for the time she had had with her husband, whom she had lost several years before. It's stories like hers that truly give me inspiration. If you'd like to read her full story, click on this link

Where does your inspiration come from? I'd love to read your comments.

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