Friday, July 17, 2009

Friday Shoot Out

Friday Shoot Out ~ Yard Objects

I was very excited to get started on my first assignment for the Friday Shoot Out. The theme is yard objects. Normally, I take my dog for a walk in the park in the evenings, as it is much cooler then. Today, an hour ago to be exact, I took my dog and my camera for a walk around the neighborhood. I really didn't expect to find too many interesting objects to shoot, but I was wrong. In fact, I think I got carried away. I took forty four pictures total. Don't worry, I'm not posting them all here, but I did find it hard to choose which ones to leave out. I still posted quite a bit of photos though. Why don't you grab some iced tea or cold lemonade and take a walk around the neighborhood with Sasha and me. Be forewarned though, it's hot outside. I'm just now cooling down. Hope you enjoy. The first picture up above is Sasha. I started with her because, well, she was in the backyard. The picture below shows the stepping stones and rocks in my own backyard.

This is a tree in the south west corner of my backyard. My grass looks green and pretty right now.

Someone else's yard down the street.

Some wood for decoration. I thought it was quite interesting and looked very pretty.

A sitting duck.

The sign says it all.

A rock with the address........looks nice.

This is a picture of a Buddah sitting atop a rock. Do you think they practice buddism or is this just for good luck?

No yard is complete without the security protection sign, especially in Las Vegas where home invasions are quite rampant.

This is a fountain with a statue of a boy and girl angel kissing.

A bear welcoming visitors. Bear hug, anyone?

A rock path between two pine trees. You hardly ever see pine trees in Las Vegas.

Sasha pointed out this find. Yes, it's a dead pigeon. It looks like the head is gone. Cats live here, so I'm sure I know who killed the bird. Sasha wanted to get a closer look but I wouldn't let her.

A table for two shaded by the oleander tree.

A pretty white bench with a golden boy statue. I didn't even notice the boy until I uploaded the pictures. Pretty cool.

Nice steps with a cute little statue, but what's with the empty cement border? It's quite bare.

Another table for two. Quite the opposite of the one pictured above. this is black, with no shade and an ashtray on the table.

I just had to take a picture of this. I love the rustic wheels that I imagine used to carry a wagon.

A trailer in the front yard with Florida tags.

A cute little bridge over desert landscape.

Four huge wooden plant barrels.

I could not end the walk in the neighborhood without shooting a cactus. After all, this is the desert.
I have a whole new appreciation for my neighborhood. I've noticed the various landscaping and yard decorations before, but never with such closeness and with awe. This was a great assignment. I look forward to posting next Friday's shoot out. I hope you all enjoyed taking a walk in my hood.


  1. I loved see Nevada's yard objects. I have a friend who lives there, just moved in the last year. She told me about the "yards" compared to those in Michigan. Welcome to the group!

  2. landscaping in Las Vegas is so simular to Arizona. made me homesick.
    I like the idea of the address on a rock, very nice. GingerV

  3. Welcome to the Friday Shoot Out gang! It is so much fun, you will really enjoy it. What a wonderful walk you took us on. I loved every shot that you had, especially the sitting duck and the winding paths. Great job.

  4. I noticed the yards have lots of pebbles and rocks - is that because of the desert heat? I really enjoyed the walk around the 'hood', with the wagon wheel my favourite I think.xx♥

  5. I love the rocks and yards I saw in Vegas...and you are right, it is so easy to get carried away, and then you have to put this post together, lol, but hey it gives us the opportunity to practice with our cameras!

    Glad you could join us!

  6. Very nice pictures!! I like the mix of the green grass and desert landscaping.

    The picture of the pigeoon cracked me up -- how nice of your dog to help you find subject matter!! My cat would have spotted that, too!!

  7. Love the little bridge and the cactus!

    Nice to meet you, welcome to the gang.

  8. I want to visit your neighborhood cos everybody has something beautiful in their yard!

  9. Finding dead birds on walks always creeps me out. Ever since we lived in St. Louis and west nile virus became a hot issue. eeks!

  10. Hello!!
    What fab photograghs.. I love seeing life through someone else's lens. Take care

  11. You did such a beautiful job, I love all the pictures.

    Your dog is so pretty, my little dog is named Sasha too!

  12. We are both Nevadans! The North and South are so different. I really enjoyed the walk through your neighborhood. My husband commuted from LV for a year a while back. He had an apartment there and we had our home, at the time, in Reno. Small world! Great shots, loved the little tour of the hood.

  13. WOW! An ex-private detective with a camera! Who else would post a headless pigeon shot! I'm following this blog for sure!!!

  14. Welcome to the gang! So glad you are here! Love the wagon wheels. That is my favorite but all your shots are wonderful! Great job chickie!

  15. I have the same open trailer yard object in my side yard. Other people use it more than I do. Nice job!

  16. Hey there, nice to meet ya and welcome to our gang. Great pictures.
    Do you ever wonder what your neighbors think of you taking pictures, like maybe you are casing the joint to come back and steal something. I wonder if anyone will ever call the police on me for wandering around and taking pictures of their stuff. Just thinking :)

    Thanks for stopping by my place too. Smiles and sunshine.

  17. Wow, you outdid yourself with this assignment! At first when I saw the dog photo I thought you were posting it as a yard object and I thought what a great idea...dogs really are yard objects just about everywhere! :)

  18. Love your photos! They are very beautiful. Thanks for stopping by my new blog. I agree with you about the show "obessed" I sometimes wonder if i have ocd too because I can relate to some of the things on there but just not to such extremes you know.

  19. Gosh, what beautifully manicured yards! It's amazing how many spectacular sights we can see every day if only we look carefully enough to find them.

  20. impressive series of yard objects! well done.



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