Wednesday, July 15, 2009

A Bloggin Detour......

So, I signed onto my blog hours ago, armed with lots of things to write about and now, here it is almost one o'clock in the morning. I guess you could say I got a little side tracked. It seems my new obsession entails reading all the new posts in the blogs I'm following, and then clicking on the links to the blogs that they are following and then clicking on the links that those blogs are following. It's a cycle that never ends. And I never tire of reading how other people express their thoughts. I am fascinated by it all. I am hungry for it. I want to devour all I can. I'm feeling a little guilty because I have been doing this all "friggin" day.

I should have been cleaning out my closet and getting rid of accumulated clutter. Instead, I go and create more clutter in my head. I'm addicted. I can't get enough.

If I hadn't taken my blogging detour, I wouldn't have been exposed to the cool things I read about. I got to see a family of armadillo crossing the backyard of one of the blogs I'm following. I also took a trip to West Virginia through the words of another writer. I read a cool poem that described an apple more eloquently than I could ever convey. I got a new recipe from another blog. I kayaked in Alaska and hiked beautiful trails with another blogger. The one minute writer prompted me to write about things I would put into a time capsule. I read about a closet make-over that should have been completed in three days, but now is going on four weeks. I also read an obituary for a woman named Mrs. Mildred Noland Peake.

I had so much fun reading these blogs. I am inspired. I also admire all the writers who posted their thoughts. Their creativity is amazing. I hope that some of it rubs off on me.

Maybe tomorrow I'll write about my crazy friends or my chaotic family.

Until then......................

Sweet dreams my friends. Zzzzz Zzzzz

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  1. I am glad that I am one of the blogs that kept you awake past your bedtime. I, like most blogger, love new visitors. I hope you come again and I will add your list to my trips through Blogger.



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