Friday, December 11, 2009

A Tree For Sandy.....

I am posting this tree for Sandy in Arizona.

She wanted to see trees.

I'm assuming she wanted to see Christmas trees.

The lighted tree exudes beauty just like her.

When the lights go out the tree is not quite as stunning
yet the simplicity of its adornment gives the impression of classy elegance.

That's my impression of Sandy.

Simple and Classy.

It is the same tree.

The first photo taken last night.

Last photo taken earlier this afternoon.

One with lights.

One without.

There are your tree pictures, Sandy.


  1. Pretty tree, I always like them with the lights on. And I love the colored lights too.

  2. How sweet of you JL! You have a such a kind heart. You are always thinking of others. That's why I adore you so much.I stopped by to say hello to Sandy.
    Have a wonderful Saturday my friend.

  3. Nice, I am sure Sandy thinks so also.

  4. Since I moved to Japan, I haven't tried putting up a tree at Christmas because our place is too small. But we love going to winter illumination where we can see thousands of bright and colorful Christmas lights.

    The pics are cool I'm sure Sandy would love it. :)

    By the way, thanks for the comments on my posts. :)

  5. Wow.. I thought it was two different trees. What a difference those lights make.

    Scrolling back, I see you're having a lot of fun with your camera and doing such a great job of achieving beautiful shots. Yay you! :)

  6. Thank you have just made my weekend!!! And saying such wonderful things about me too!! Beautiful tree...thanks for posting pictures and I am sure that I am not the only one that will enjoy them. You are the best girlfriend!!

  7. Beautiful tree. I really loved the night photo.

  8. I love your tree, it's beautiful just like you :)
    Merry Christmas

  9. what a sweetie!!

    lovely tree, great colors.

    have a great weekend!!

  10. It has always amazed me how different Christmas trees look in the day, some of the baubles on mine go back over one hundred years and are so special.....but I love to see the tree at night all it up - yours is lovely!!

  11. we didn't even put up a big tree this year since we spend our real christmas at my sister's house....

    and you know doesn't bother me that we don't have that bad ?

  12. Bless you, Jarie Lyn. That is a beautiful post for Sandy. I'm sure she appreciates it. I know I appreciate having such a lovely friend!!



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